Mason Jar, How I Love Thee. Let Me Count the Ways...

As a young girl I remember thinking the mark of a good burger joint contained two things: 1. Peanut Shells on the floor and 2. Drinks served in Mason Jars. That stuck with me and the resurgence of the Mason Jar and its popularity in recent years has brought me great joy. They can be used in so many ways and to top it off, they can be bought at hardware stores at a great price! Here is my short list of great ideas I have seen.

All Hail to the utilitarian chameleon, The Mason Jar. Oh How I love thee. Let me count the ways...


Simple, yes. But it doesn't make it any less perfect. While clear jars are easier to find, thanks to Etsy there are often vintage jars in other colors to buy. My favorite are the aqua option you see in this photo. Photo courtesy of Joielala Photographie.


Hang some from a tree using twine and simply drop a pillar candle in them. Easy Peasy and so Charming for an outdoor space. 

You can also fill with water and add floating candles.  So romantic!


You can buy these for less than a dollar a jar at many hardware stores. Give them a quick rinse and you've got a festive glass to serve to guests. Or you can get this adorable handy version from Pottery Barn.


How adorable would this look in a country-style kitchen or shabby chic bathroom?
Make one yourself by following these instructions from Country Living.


My husband and I agree on a lot of things. Decor is not one of them. I love all things vintage, shabby and preppy while he loves modern clean lines, straight edges and steel. This fixture meets somewhere in the middle. Available for purchase on Etsy.

Put whatever your heart desires in a jar - Cookie Ingredients, Candy, Jam - and dress each jar up and send your guests home with a sweet memory.  Fancy the jar up with fabric, gift tags and twine.


Place a sweet photo in a jar to make a unique frame. For the yellowy goldish hue, pour olive oil inside and seal (be sure you have a copy of the photo!).


Why not decorate your crafting area with jars holding various supplies? Drill holes through the lids and you've got a great ribbon or yarn dispenser. Leave the lid off for taller items like brushes, scissors, etc. I also love that these shelves used them both right side up as well as upside down. Make one yourself following the steps from The It Girl Project (one of my favorite blogs).


I found this project a bit too late this past Holiday Season but this is filed away for next year for me. The idea was inspired by those sold at Anthropologie, but Kelly Moore's blog has a great DIY tutorial.


There really are so many ideas... 
Add some chalkboard paint to the outside and label...
Wrap them with lace, fabric or ribbons...
Spray paint them any color you'd like...