Tuesday Museday

I can't promise this will happen every Tuesday, but I will periodically be choosing style elements I find inspiring. With the Golden Globes this past Sunday, this is the perfect Tuesday to start. I am a lover of all things beaded, art deco and '20s inspired so this year's GGs were like crack for me.
This made me want to watch Midnight in Paris or curl up and read The Paris Wife all over again. Below are some of my faves, as well as some pieces I think a normal broad could get to channel their inner 1920's gal....

Bring on the 20's, Bring on the Glam

Salma in Gucci
Oh, Salma. You're scratching me right where I itch. I don't know where to begin. The art deco looking design on the bodice, the silhouette, the hair. Somehow this is Subtle and Stunning all at the same time - a balance truly tough to find. Nailed it. 
And P.S. You're an inspiration to shorties everywhere!

Kate in Cavalli

I think Seth Rogen's comment summed it up. I wasn't offended. I agreed. This is Classic without being too plain or boring and reminds me of something that will stand the test of time.
Nicole in Versace

Beyond the beautiful and intricate beading of this dress, this was by far the best example of someone choosing the perfect gown to complement their coloring. I know not everyone is a ginger with perfect creamy skin but Nicole hit this one right on.

Nicole in Julien Macdonald

This was the first dress I saw as I turned on the pre-awards show. You know something is a hit when you exclaim, to no one in the room, "Oh, she looks Awesome!". The simple, clean lines, paired with a sexy open back and perfect complementary 'do make this perfect. I can see myself channeling this look for many years to come.

Now for some ideas for real people...

Start Small
The best way to bust out a new trend or look is to choose an accessory and start there. Items like jewelry, hair accessories, belts and bags are some quick and easy ways to dress up the simplest of outfits. Your LBD will come to life with an amazing beaded accessory. Try searching for terms like "beaded" and "art deco" when perusing the internet... Etsy is by far my fave resource for items like this. 
Sorry, Charlie (err... Charlize). You looked great on Sunday but your headband and hairstyle took The Cake. This is an easy accessory to get and try. Etsy has tons of options, don't be deterred that some are meant for Bridal attire - they work with anything! 

An example from Etsy Store, Jill's Boutique

Shimmer Bead Tunnel Clutch from Banana Republic

Another option: Your Purse. This clutch is beautiful and delicate. This is not an item you'd get rid of next season.

Necklace from Arden B
 This type of necklace is great for wearing a simple, monochromatic outfit. It's all the pop you need. And by the way, Coral is by far my favorite color for Spring!

 For Daytime

Sabine Beaded Embellished Tunic from Piperlime

Wear this on a casual afternoon. It's understated but still very stylish.

Day into Night

Sabine Beaded Art Deco Cami, also at Piperlime
Love Sam Beaded Top, Piperlime
Either of these tops are great for daytime but can carry into your evening plans. Wear the tank with a fitted blazer or wrap sweater and unveil the shirt in all its glory after-hours!

Go for the Gusto

Hands down, the best purchase of my life was this dress, in white, at a Buffalo Exchange in Chicago. It retails for over $500 and I got it for $60. Thank You. I must say after having it, I would have paid full price. It took a lot of convincing from my mother to not wear this as my wedding dress!
Alice + Olivia Gabby Beaded Tank Dress (told you they were pricey...)
A+O Clara '20s Bugle Beaded Dress
 If you're ready to rock a beaded dress, Alice + Olivia will not let you down. These dresses are pricey but can often times be found on sale, at consignment stores or on eBay. They're also carried at Bloomies, Neimans and ShopBop. Or choose to use these simply as your guide when hunting for the perfect piece.

Here are some more affordable options...

Dress from ASOS
And Don't Rule Out the Juniors Department! Angie Dress Available at Nordstrom

Happy Shopping!