Look Out Springtime 'Cause Here I Come...

While seeing a Christmas Tree in all its glory arrive in a shop window pre-Halloween makes me want to cry like a baby, 'tis not the case when retailers pull the same move with Spring attire. After months of winter coats, boots and sweaters, seeing a bright colored skirt in a window - regardless of whether or not the temperature concurs - makes me want to dance and throw my non-existent beret up in the air like Mary Tyler Moore!

Like said stores, I have chosen to unveil some of my favorite looks for this Spring. Blame it on the fact that it's January in San Francisco and the sun was out all weekend.  Don't worry,  I'll be gentle and start slow...

Spring Showers Bring Spring Wellies 
I know this is not new, cute wellies have been in for several seasons but if it ain't broke...
While it's still wet and cold out, bust out a bright pair of rain boots to add some splash. Hunters (as well as their knockoff, more affordable counterparts) come in a range of colors and once you own them, you'll be surprised how often you turn to them. Dare I say they're even practical...Crazy talk.

Put Your Brights On
Spring is all about pops of color- from one accessory to an entire ensemble.
Time to test your color limits.
Blue Suede Shoes Colorful kicks are  so versatile, especially if they're closed toe. Don them in February/March with a dress and black tights. You can gradually introduce them as it warms up with a basic white collared shirt and distressed jeans. Once you hit May, swap out those jeans for denim cutoffs,  basic shorts or a pleated skirt.  

And did I mention suede? Color and Suede. What a Gorgeous Lovechild.

Suede Sidewalk Skimmer from Madewell.

Need some height? Choose a wedge or heel option instead. Be sure to scotchguard lighter colored suedes so your dark denim doesn't mess with these beauties.

I adore these coral/orange hue since I can see it mixing with some chocolate hues come Fall.

Martina Suede Wedges in Bright Persimmon from J. Crew.

Bright, Squared
Once you've shown off your small pops of color in early Spring, go bold and mix two brights together and explode fully into the season. Some of my favorite combos are aqua with yellow, coral with purple and emerald with fuschia.
You can mix and match two pieces you own....

  Perfect Tee in Heritage Green, J. Crew;  Modern Cropped Jeans, Ann Taylor
Or buy a colorblock dress that does the job for you...
Color Block Bloussant Dress, Tinley Road
Holier than Thou
Lace, Crochet, Eyelet... This Spring is all about anything with holes in it. Layer these pieces with basic long-sleeved tees until it warms up enough for a light tank or shell underneath.

Again, for the bold option: Take crochet from Spring to Summer with this jaw-dropping swimsuit. I don't know about you but this suit changed my previous viewpoint on one pieces...

Robin Piccone Crochet One Piece, Nordstrom

Prints Charming
That's right. Prints and Patterns Galore are surfacing this Spring.

MADRAS. Move over, Ponyboy. Dressing like a Soc in preppy plaid is a win. Looks great with denim or tucked into a girly mini skirt.
Boy Shirt, J.Crew

Flower Power. Florals are in bloom in every store. I love it in a collared shirt like this since it can be worn to work,  tied at your waist for a casual weekend look or even used as a swimsuit coverup while on vacay.
Perfect Shirt in Ashbury Floral from J.Crew.

Do the  Polka. Don't worry. I'm not cheating on stripes, but polka dots will be everywhere in all colors and sizes beginning in Spring and lingering throughout 2012. The possibilities are endless. I like the classic blakck and white look.  Mixing this style top this with a bright bottom makes the entire look more playful and ahem,  Springy...
Tinley Road Bow Tie Blouse, Piperlime

So there you have it. My not-so-short list of Springtime Loves. Remember to search your closet before running to the stores. You may already have several pieces that will work in new ways. 

Until Next Time, My Broads...