Tuesday Museday: The Shirtdress

The Shirtdress
 While anyone can swoon over the amazing Paris-in-the-20's attire donned in Midnight In Paris, I found subtle inspiration in Rachel McAdams' wide array of shirt dresses she displayed throughout the flick. In fact, it was what I liked most about her character. Scratch that. It was the only  thing I liked.

Both classic and versatile, one shirtdress in your wardrobe will lead to a smorgasbord of new outfits that can travel through seasons and quite possibly over several years.

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? YES!! Check out what this bad boy can do...

One Shirt - So Many Looks
 The beauty of this piece is that both high end designers and affordable brands carry their version, so you'll find them in a range of prices. Any color will do, I prefer simple white or chambray as they go with the most looks and are great for layering with other colors and patterns. The best part of the Shirtdress, you ask? Any body type can work it. Your look can be as form-fitting or as loose as you desire....

Oxford Shirt Dress, American Apparel

Now that the foundation is set, here we go.......
Belt It
Throw A Chunky Sweater Over it

Wear it Loose Over Jeans
Layer with Another Dress
Add a Cardi, Belt and Leggings

 Use as a Swim Cover Up

 Warm it Up with a Scarf, Coat and Tights

Wrap a Silk Scarf Around the Waist

The possibilities are endless. Now go hop into your closet and find more looks!
Happy Tuesday!

The Classy Broad and Miss McAdams, the Muse herself