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Hello Lovelies! I've just added a new section to The Classy Broad where you can ask me any type of questions from outfits, ideas, etc.

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A good friend and fellow classy broad recently sent me an outfit-related question. This got me to thinking. Why not have an area on the site where you ask questions and I answer? Like Dear Abby, for Broads.For now, it will be titled "Sarah Asks" in homage to the first of (hopefully) many inquiries I get. Have your own question? Email me at The Classy Broad.

Sarah is an excellent photographer, super mom and has a great sense of style (check out her blog here). However, we all have questions about outfit choices from time to time...
 Sarah Asks

 Q:  If I bought this dress, could I wear it with a splash of color, either a cardigan or colorful shoes? I get bored just wearing neutral colors.

The Subject: Blue Spot Tie Back Dress, Dorothy Perkins

 A: Okay first of all, this is SO cute! So my first thought was that you could make this fun with colored shoes- like turquoise, yellow or coral (love coral and navy togehter!); red will work too. If you wanted a cardigan, I'd stick with navy and have the pop in your shoes. The dress is eye-catching as it is and you don't want to take away from that. Shoes won't distract from the dress. Not into cardigans? What about a Navy Blazer!

Another cute idea for pop would be a bright colored headband- just a skinny simple one. I don't think I'd wear a necklace with that neckline so a headband could be your accessory.

Who doesn't love colored shoes?? Turquoise and Coral Pump, Michael Antonio; Yellow pump, Ivanka Trump

The Jackie Cardigan from J.Crew - a staple 
Aqua Fitted Blazer, Bloomingdales

Add a pop of color with a fun headband (note: I'd advise nude shoes if you take this route. Yellow Flower headband (also available in Coral) from Nordstrom. Want something more simmple? Use grosgrain ribbon as a headband - It's affordable and offers a subtle look.