Sarah Asks: Colored Jeans

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It's time for another question from yet another Classy Broad. This question comes at a perfect time as we are in between seasons (Thanks a lot,  Puxatawney Phil). While we see fun brights - especially in the denim and other bottoms category- all over stores,  one cannot help but ask: How??? 

My lovely friend Janelle worded it perfectly....

Q: Okay Classy Broad.....I need some help in the area of colored denim. I am not sure how you feel about this trend, but I am branching out this spring and could use some help styling. I recently purchased a maroon and brighter blue pair of skinny jeans and I am struggling to style a cute daytime and evening look and also figuring out what shoes look best.

A: Glad you're asking for help - You're not alone! The fact that you have already bought two pairs means you've overcome the hardest part about colored denim: Trying them on, liking them and actually purchasing them. Congratulations! I am sure you look incredible in them but as many trends can be at first, bright bottoms can be scary to embrace. Now for even better news... I truly believe colored denim can be as attention grabbing or subtle as you, the wearer, want them to be. They also work for all seasons. So again, pat yourself on the back for making a purchase that will last throughout 2012. Here are some ideas, but really the list is long and I guarantee you have nearly all of the basics already.

Start Slow
Feeling nervous? Pair your bright bottoms with black, beige or white. Here are some celebs working this look:
Malin Akerman, above, pairs her cobalt denim with a black loose tank, blazer and basic pumps. Her necklace adds just enough extra spunk to make this a fun nighttime look.
Cameron Diaz makes her denim look girly and subtle with a tan blazer- great for daytime. Anna Kendrick dresses her green jeans up with a more distinguished blazer while Kim Kardashian works a leather jacket, chunky scarf and sexy heeled boots with her brights. The second two looks would be wonderful options for your maroon pair.
Now for the Fun.

Once you've gotten to know your colored jeans a bit more and are feeling more adventurous, your options are endless.

Striped shirt, chambray top and a blazer = layering done right. Photo Courtesy of The Brooklyn Blonde Blog.

And now for some styling overload! The above collection of outfits, courtesy of Pop! of Style is a very simple guide to all the possibilities. Bright on Brights, Brights with Stripes, Brights with Florals, Brights with Boots, Loafers, or Wedges. Keep them long or cuff them. Really, the world is your oyster!

 Have I already mentioned you made a fantastic purchase...?

Happy Dressing!