Sarah Asks : A Lace for Everything

The namesake of "Sarah Asks"  is back, with another question. And, I must say, this one was fun to answer since I too love lace.  Here we go...

Q: I love love love lace, but I never go anywhere fancy. Is there a way I can work lace into my causal everyday outfits?

I have so many lace things pinned, but most of them I could not wear when running around with Avery [my little girl]. I am on the search to find more causal lace ideas. I don't want to be a yoga pants wearing stay at home mom. I want to be a MILF!!!

A: Join the club. Lace is a fantastic fabric and the fact that you love it just shows you have timeless, great taste! Let me start by saying that you should never worry about something being too fancy. No such thing. You can always dress something down. And, I find more often than not that I always feel better if I choose the "fancier" option when I am getting dressed. You never know who you may run into, even if you're being a super mom and giving all of your attention to sweet Avery.  However, if a more casual look with lace is what you really want, you're in luck as you have many options. Lace is truly a chameleon fabric.

A Day at the Park
Any of the options below give cotton tops that extra oomph. None of these will make you feel overdressed. And even if you were, who cares? You're wearing a cute top! These are all comfy and also functional. Throw either of these on with jeans (shorts in the summer months) or skinny black pants and you'll be stylish and comfortable at the same time. And most of these are under 40 bucks a pop!
Vintage Cotton Lace Tee, J. Crew

Lace Necklace Tee, J. Crew        

Crochet Lace Front Tee, J.Crew
Whippletree Cardigan, Anthropologie

Keep your hair out of your face with a sweet headband from Eliana Marie Design on Etsy
Park to After Dark
Maybe I've lived in San Francisco too long but I cannot overemphasize the magic of layering. There are plenty of lace tanks that can be worn over a long sleeve shirt or under a hoodie or cardigan during the day and transformed into a night out look with a blazer and a long necklace.

Start With a Cute Tank...
Eyelash Lace Top, Sabine from Piperlime
 Add a Blazer and Accessories for Later...
Weekend Gatherings
Regardless of lifestyle, there are always birthday parties, picnics, showers and brunches to be had. Any of these are perfect occasions for a daytime lace 'fit. Throw on a cute lace dress or skirt next time the opportunity arises. Worried about looking too dressy? A denim jacket or top over the look will put you at ease.

Start with the Foundation...

River Island Lace Dress, ASOS
Textured Eyelet Skirt, Forever 21

Then add your (optional layering piece....
Keeper Chambray Shirt, J. Crew
And, Viola!
 Note that lace skirts come in various lengths and fits; no need to go mini if that's not your style.

Dare to Bare

I've seen several designers come out with lace shorts for spring and I just need to post these here. I adore these and think they could be a great option for a beach cover up or even with a blazer and heels for night.
Lace Short, Free People from Piperlime
So there you have it. Just remember that lace is not as fancy as you think but it will add a girly, romantic look to any outfit. The only time I'd avoid lace in the white, ivory or even buff shades would be as a wedding guest. Too bridal. Don't be that girl.

*Online Shopping Tip* Use not just "lace" but also "crochet" and "eyelet" as search terms. You'll find the looks tend to overlap.
And, last but not least, I couldn't help but stumble upon this adorable toddler lace dress. Maybe Mommy and Avery could match???
Pleated Lace Dress, Baby Gap