Puttin' on The Ritz

I don't know what it is, but there is something in me that is constantly looking for an excuse to throw a party. This last Sunday's 84th Annual Academy Awards coincided with The Classy Broad's Third Annual Oscar Viewing Party. 
Each year I try to come up with a themed cocktail or two and appetizers to offer my guests. This year was tough but I was able to find a few online and deep in the crevices of my own mind. So without further ado, here was this year's attempt...
What's a party without a proper welcome? Pre-Cut Gold Stars from SF Party adorned the front door as well as my hallway, where each one had a best picture nominee printed on it.

Red Carpet Runner also from SF Party. I swear one day I will pull the trigger on a real one.                                                

Theme Drinks included a 1920's Champagne Punch recipe titled the "Artist's Punch" and French 75's titled "Midnight in Paris"

I made drink stirrers by tracing mini statues on gold card stock and gluing to red and white striped straws. Add each guest's name and you've got a stirrer and drink charm in one!
The Lovely Chelsea of Food Life Balance enjoying her Cocktail

Spinach and Parmesan Bites, aka "Moneyballs"
While roses, especially red ones, are flowers you'll rarely see in my home these worked perfectly with the decor. And can we discuss GLITTER TAPE? Such an easy way to spice up a plain vase.
Popcorn Boxes were scattered throughout (easy to get at Sur La Table). The dessert was homemade Chocolate Cream Pie deemed "Minnie's Pie" (without the Terrible Awful!)

Broccoli Salad filled in as the "Tree of Life Salad"
Mango, Pineapple, Kiwi and Apple Skewers inspired by The Descendants
Guests were also encouraged to bring a munchie. How cute were these Crispy Polenta and Pesto Stars one guest brought??
Veggie Platter, or "War Horse Snacks", if you will...
You know I love hanging signs! Hollywood sign, again from SF Party. I also had two dozen red and gold balloons swarming the main viewing room.
Such a festive and cheap way to spice up a room!
Look at all these happy viewers!
Last but not least, every respectable Oscar Party has a pool. If you can believe it, we had a complete tie even with a Tie Breaker in place! Here the two happy winners pose, excited their wallets just got a bit fatter.
So there you have it. Until the next party, My Broads....
Stay Classy!