Sarah Asks: Maid Day

Wedding Season is upon us. If you're not just a guest but also in the wedding, choosing accompanying attire and accessories can be fun. Don't look at it as something you have to to do but rather something you get to do. When one is friends with a mellow bride with great taste, it's even better!

My gorgeous friend and new mom Shanna sent the following question:

Q: I am a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's weddings this summer.  The maids' dresses are gorgeous (J.Crew - Silk Chiffon, Dusty Shale, Any Short Style We Like!).  I chose the Sinclair style:

I believe that she is going to incorporate coral into the bouquets to give you a sense of the color scheme.  The bride is also being very flexible about our shoes.  I'm not sure what we will do for hair and accessories but want to have a plan just in case.  I'm thinking nude shoes, a messy/casual up or side do and some fabulous earrings.  The venue is Dawn Ranch in Guerneville, California ( and the ceremony will take place on a stunning meadow.  The walk down the aisle possibly includes stairs and definitely includes grass.  Please help!  I haven't really been shopping since I found out I was pregnant last year and have no idea where to start or what is in style!  Thanks Classy Broad!
A: Ooh, girl. This bride did you a big favor. What a pretty color! Dare I say "You'll actually wear it again!" ??. You also selected a great style. Bravo all around! You are already on the complete right track. So take a look and see if you're picking up what I'm putting down.

First and foremost, Shoes. Here's what what first came to mind when you said stairs and grass:

With a wedge, you will be comfortable for many hours despite the heel and you will not sink into grass - a MUST at this type of venue. Here are just a few I found quickly. Note that since we're in between seasons there are fewer strappy/sandal types with a wedge out there on the interwebs but more should be coming soon...Any of the below can be worn with denim, skirts or other dresses after your maid duties end.

My gut told me to go nude with this dress, but a muted neutral gray might look really nice as well.
Leah Peep Toe, Banana Republic

Looking for a more elegant look? These patent leather taupe shoes give you some shimmer. And, patent leather means you can wipe off any dirt or grass!
Amped Up 3, Nine West

Want a little more detail? These are unique without being too much.
Qammie, Calvin Klein

Another sweet, simple option.
Power Surge, Nine West

Want to go for a more garden party look? These sandals will do the trick.
Olympia Leather Wedges, J. Crew

I could not resist... These are on the higher end, but they are too adorable not to include. Color - Check. Wedge - Check. Just the Right Amount of Detail - Check.
Cary Shoes, Kate Spade.

While I chose all neutral colors (gray, nude, taupe, etc.) since I have a love for nude shoes, I'd also encourage metallic options (Silver or Gold). However,  if you go this route, ask the bride what she prefers and definitely chose a strappier, less chunky look.

Last but not least, be sure to spray them with a protector on whatever you choose. This will make it easier to clean them off after frolicking in the grass and possible muddy areas of the rustic venue.

Now for the 'Do...
With that neckline and your bare shoulders, you must wear your hair up! I am loving these messy buns or even a bit of a messy volumized pony. See the below shots for inspiration.

You already mentioned coral. Mercy, this bride has fantastic taste. The photos are going to look GORGE! Again, the style dress you chose gives you a beatiful neckline that takes away any need for a necklace. With your hair up and  shoulders bare you should draw attention to your lobes. I love any and all of the below earrings.
Gumdrop Studs, Kate Spade
Gold Run Earrings, Anthropologie
Perlino Earrings, Anthropologie

So there you have it. Top off the look with a small clutch for your camera, phone and lip gloss and maybe a neutral or coral colored wrap and you're set!