'Tis The Season...

It’s that time again. Can you feel it? It’s coming…

Wedding Season, my Broads, is upon us! Bring on the Love, the Champagne and the excuse to dress up! There it is… I said it. That word. Dress. What to wear, what to wear.... In the time we’re living in where weddings are detailed to the nines, the pressure to find just the right outfit is heavy. But fear not. I've broken down some great choices for the many venues you might find yourself this season.

I'd also like to mention that there is some overlap if you're wallet is begging to be spared. You'll notice many dresses are used in more than one venue type if you're looking for that one or two perfect choice to get you through the season.

And one last thing: DO NOT WEAR WHITE. "But I've heard that's an old rule?" Yeah, I've heard that too. I'd like to sit down with whoever started that rumor and give them a piece of my mind. But I digress.

So without further ado...

The Great Outdoors:

Wine Country/Backyard/Rustic Weddings

Living in Northern California means I've been to my share of wine country weddings - and I've loved them all. While they're usually still quite elegant, the fact that you're outdoors, generally in grass and dirt and one with the vineyards gives you the freedom for just the eensiest bit of a more casual yet festive look. Lace (not white!) and floral patterns look perfect in this setting. Backyard Wedding? Park Wedding? These will work for those, too!

Winery / Garden Wedding

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We Be Clubbin':

Yacht Clubs, Country Clubs, Golf Clubs

My reception was at a Yacht Club because my husband and I wanted a scenic view, a traditional venue but a mix of sportiness. Most club-type venues will be the same. So have fun with your outfit choice. No need to go all black. Navy might seem as the go-to for nautical but there are so many other options.

Yacht Club / Country Club Wedding

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Going MOD:

Art Galleries, Museums, Industrial Spaces

More and more people are selecting venues in larger, industrial spaces (i.e. a blank canvas for event design) or more modern styled art galleries. These venues are fun because you too can wear a more modern somewhat-less-traditional frock. I love cutouts, more severe cuts and fun party skirts for this venue type.

Art Gallery / Modern Venue Wedding

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Take Me Away:

Destination and Beachside Affairs

Much to my dismay, I have yet to be invited to a destination wedding (Insert Subtle Hint to unmarried friends here). I dream of the chance to wear a long, flowy beach maxi or island style printed number. Still waiting...

Destination / Beachside Wedding

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No Monkey Suit for Broads:

The Black Tie 

Oh, the Black Tie Wedding. So classy, so elegant, so confusing about what to wear! Modern rules have changed a bit for most of these types of events. No need for all black and sometimes no need for floor length gowns. However, I'd stick to at least one of these traits. If you dare to go cocktail length, go with a darker subtle color like black, navy or gray. If you want to show some color, steer towards a longer style. Either way, you need to be more conservative than normal. The guests of honor selected this attire for a reason.

Black Tie Wedding

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. ** Note: most of these dresses come in an all black version as well**

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