Kick It!

Thank you to the Broad who sent this question in to Sarah Asks! While it came in from a cute mama-on-the-go who literally goes the extra mile for her fellow broads in need, this applies to Broads everywhere.

Q: I'm a stay-at-home Mom and am looking for stylish, yet comfortable shoes to wear while chasing my two-year-old son. Maybe to pair with jeans and a cardigan? I'd think that ballet flats are the obvious choice, however I tend to want to wear some sort of socks when it's cold... Can you think of anything to solve my issue? And comfort is a must!

A: Comfortable, yet stylish shoes for being active can be tough to find. There is nothing worse than wearing a cute pair of pants or skirt only to realize the most suitable kicks for the day would be your running shoes.  Talk about your ultimate outfit-killer. Or you opt for the non-comfy-but-oh-so-cute option and you find yourself in the Foot Care aisle at your local drugstore.

Lucky for us, many brands have decided to seize the opportunity to make comfy AND cute shoes for the Broad on the Go. See some of my faves below...

Snazzy Sneaks

Snazzy Sneaks
Wearing any of these sneaker, or sneaker inspired shoes will have you looking like the opposite of a high school gym teacher. Even espadrilles which are so in this spring and summer (can you remember a season when they weren't?!) have comfortable, more sneaker-like soles. And, all of these are under 100 big ones - and don't think your local discount store won't have them too. What's better? Buy a pair of Toms and you're buying a pair of shoes for a child in need.

All sneakers and espadrilles can be viewed HERE.

Fab Flats
Fab Flats

You mentioned ballet flats. There is a special spot in my heart for all ballet-inspired shoes. Just looking through a Sprint J.Crew catalog and perusing the rainbow-like collection of amazing ballet flats gets me drooling. They're a great option. However, try out a few styles of flats - loafers, ballet flats, cute summery sandals, moccasins! So many comfy-yet-classy options.

All flats, loafers and skimmers can be viewed HERE
So, there you have it. The only thing I've not yet touched on is socks. My personal rule is that socks were meant to be worn and not seen. Hue makes a great line of Shoe Liners  that are very reasonable. 

Now go get yourself some new kicks, my active Broad!

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