Money Savin' Broad

For those of you who know me, this title will come as a shock. It's true, I may not be the best at saving money. It's quite often that I'll come home from a shopping trip, elated that I found a great deal and am reminded by my other half, in a somewhat annoying tone I might add, that "any spending is not saving". Who invited Suze Orman? But I digress.....

I do pride myself in finding small ways to save, little victories that make me happy and do affect the bottom line. So here goes. Just a few little helpful hints I'd like to share to my fellow Less Money Spending Broads.

While I don't wear a ton of makeup, who doesn't love oogling over the options at a makeup counter or spending hours in Sephora? While paper products still reign supreme, beauty products are a close second. The problem with makeup is that it's expensive and sometimes you don't end up loving what you bought. Worst Feeling Ever.

Enter my solution. If you've been to a Sephora you know there are lots of  brands and the "best" ones (i.e. those that the lovely sales clerks recommend) are usually priced high. However, Sephora carries their own line and many of those items not only mimic best-selling products they're also priced almost the same as makeup you can find at the drugstore. 

This weekend, I was very close to finally buying Nars' Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Girls ($24 for .14 OZ). But I just wasn't sure. Well, I took the sample, marched right over to the Sephora-brand area and lined it up with all of their lipsticks and lo and behold I found a match. The photos look different but I assure you they are very close. And this lipstick is only $12! and I don't need to put it on with my finger or use a brush! Sounds like a 50% off sale to me. Victory!

Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick in Matchmaker
Your Home
While I don't think a Broad's home should look like an Ikea catalog, those Swedes do a fantastic job of mocking some things that are sold by other home goods stores for much more money. After getting married, I wanted to frame some of our precious memories in our long hallway. I bought the Wood Gallery Frames from Pottery Barn.
 I later framed a print from our honeymoon but didn't feel like buying another frame so I nabbed one on an Ikea run. They look virtually the EXACT same. 5x7 at PB - $25; at Ikea - $9.99. "jag tackar dig!"
Ribba Frame, Ikea

Now for my dirtiest secret...I love any and all dresses from Anthropologie. But let's be honest, they're never on the cheap side and most always so distinct-looking that you can't wear it as often as you'd like and hope no one will remember it. They will. It's adorable! Enter the chemise...

Ruffled Ikat Chemise, Anthropologie

Wearing intimates in public? YES! Anthro makes amazing chemises that can truly work as a dress and at a fraction of the price. This bad boy is $68 where a dress there can be upwards of $200. Not sure if it's too see through? Get a skirt slip and call it a day. Or just avoid lighter colored fabrics in the skirt.

That's all  I've got for today. Stay Classy.