Tuesday Museday: Never Say Never

Today marks a big day for me. Toady is the day that I will buy a denim jacket. You have no idea how big of a deal this is.
Isn't She Cute? Levi's Trucker Jacket
  About 8 years ago, I made a promise to myself that today I will be breaking. I can't remember all the details, but on a day long ago I was partaking in one of my regular spring cleaning closet emptying exercises. For me, these exercises occur year long, not only in the spring. They generally start with fits of rage due to a disorderly closet,  leading to anger at myself for making terrible purchases, to later  feeling like a million bucks once my closet is clean, orderly and full of only items I love. I then repeat the entire process about 4 months later. Same emotional roller coaster, different bag of goodies for Goodwill.
Well this one time, long ago,whilst purging my closet and taking a vow of unclutterryness, I pulled from the depths of my closet a denim jacket.

In a heated rage, I looked at said jacket and said: "Mark my words, I will NEVER buy a jean jacket again! I don't care how in-style they are." As I thought, it was a personal choice every broad must make for herself, and I was choosing to toss out that stupid jacket and "NEVER" turn back. And I stayed strong. Denim jackets have been around since then. And I kept my promise. Until now.

Well, guess what my broads? Times change. Styles change. And certain pieces will always sneak their way back into your life. When I made that previous claim how would I know I'd love maxi dresses so much and that the best over layer would be a denim jacket? Or that every other day I could think of another way to wear one, if only I had it? Let this be a lesson to you that while cleaning up the closet is good for the soul - and let's be honest, when something comes back into style you almost always want the newer version, cut, wash so it's sometimes OK to toss the old -  a classy broad should never say never. She should have the wisdom to know that one day, far from now, she will want to wear it again. 
How do I know? Here are just a few reminders...

Flannel and Plaid? Those shirts arose from the Early-90s-Seattle-grunge dead in a big way a few seasons ago and don't seem to be exiting yet. I myself have worn two different plaid shirts this week already. Did I mention it's Tuesday?

Those hunter green jeans I wore way too often in 6th grade that still torment me in photos? Colored denim is not going anywhere soon!
The floral short overalls I wore in 3rd grade to a college football game? Yep - Floral is in bigtime again! And yes, I said overalls. God help us if those come back for big girls. Full length or short, it's bound to happen.
Those long fitted cottony/clingy skirts I wore in high school? Hop on the maxi skirt train. It's running all summer long and into fall...

Clogs? They're coming. Mark my words...

That's all for today, my broads. Happy Tuesday to all and may your past outfit choices turn into your future muse.