In the Navy....

I'll keep this one short, my broads. Being an SF resident, I am lucky enough to have the Old Navy flagship store right at my fingertips. Flagship Stores, especially when it comes to Gap Inc. brands, can be translated as: Store selling way cuter stuff than any other retail locations of the same brand. But you don't need that, since we have the interwebs.

So, I know the Rockstar jeans debuted last year, but get ready for what The Navy is dropping on us now...
Feast your eyes on these:


Should you get them? YES. Will you look cute in them? YES. Are they too trendy? YES! That's why you buy the Old Navy version (or other more expensive versions, like I have, once you know you love them). Still not sure? Buy the khaki version, you SISSY.

Trust me, the minute you slip on those polkas you will wish you had a pair for every day of the week.

You can thank me later. As you skip down the street in your polka dot pants.

**Shopping Hint** A Broad should never care about what their size tag says but you'll notice these run small. TCB advises ordering 1-2 sizes up.