Deck the Home

I don't know what it is about this time of year... maybe it's the warmth indoors, the good smells from a cooking kitchen, or the extra decorations that emerge for celebrating, but I am never more in love with my home than during the holiday season. It doesn't matter what you celebrate or if your exterior rivals Clark Griswold's, the home is where the memories are made. 

From dinner parties to cozy nights in, I am sure these are the days I will savor for years to come. Instead of posting the many decor images I could scour from every corner of the inetrwebs, I'll instead share some recent and past photos from how I've added my own touch to celebrations in the home.

Grown up, but still Crafty...

Dinner parties just seem so grown up. I hosted one recently and combined items I already had..

like wedding china, candlesticks and collected vintage vases... 

along with some new crafty ideas....



A quick trip to World Market where I picked up some glitter ribbon and glitter wooden pins, and viola! DIY napkin rings. I added name tags using black card stock and white chalk marker to personalize each pacesetting. 

What'll it Be?
 The same paper and markers were used for the cocktail and dinner menu
Take a tip from Martha and try some homemade stirrers. Only thing I changed was using grey striped straws left over from my grey and yellow shower as the stirrer base. 

Speaking of Cocktails...

Want a fun, easy and festive holiday drink? Try the Classy Broad's Winter Go-To:

~Poinsettia Cocktail~

Asti, Prosecco, or any sweet sparkling wine
Cranberry Juice
Fresh Cranberries
Mint Leaves

Mix 1/3 sparkling wine with 2/3 cranberry juice in a pitcher
Mix thoroughly (possibly adding more bubs!)
Pour into a glass with cranberries
Float Cointreau on Top
Add a sprig or two of Mint

From Tables Past

Last year I used Holiday Themed Envelopes, Red Twine and Label Tags to make small present-like place settings. 

Inside each envelope was a small Holiday themed memento for sharing with the table.

While I was ecstatic that white peonies were available this year, last year I embraced a red and white tulip theme with yellow and berry accents.
I still have dreams of becoming a florist. Or just hanging out with some.

Now for the Cozy...

So there you have it. While the parties and ideas for hostessing might be some of my favorite things, nothing beats a cozy night in with a loved one. 

How will you enjoy your homes this year, my broads?