When I Grow Up...

Political Parties aside, our First Lady is one of the classiest broads out there. Finding the perfect combination of sophistication and femininity is not easy for someone of her status. I know we don't all have designers chomping at the bit to design for us, but you can't deny that she has style. I mean, other first ladies had similar offers and I can't remember a thing Laura B. or Hilary C.  donned that was in the least bit memorable (in the good way, that is). 

Thank you,  Michelle, for showing women that being a political figure does not mean you need to look doubty or wear pantsuits. It also doesn't mean that you should avoid taking risks. I know this is old news, and she's been getting praise like for her style since pre-2008, but I like to give props where they're due. And this lady rarely misses a beat.

 I want to be like Michelle O. when I grow up.....

First, shall we discuss the Thom Brown outfit she wore at the ceremony? This proves that a beautiful, tailored coat is sometimes all you need to look complete. I love coats with waists, pleats, and other dress-like characteristics. But Michelle doesn't stop there. 
That belt. Those purple leather gloves. And her boots. I mean.....
Photo Courtesy of LA Times

Jason Wu's Sketch Courtesy of Harpers Bazaar
Now on to the party dress. 
She pulled off a less-than-traditional neckline, draping, bare arms, vibrant RED and, let's not forget: fairly new bangs. All of these could have been disasters. Nope. Not for Mrs. O.
I also love the simple jewelry and focusing just on some nice bangles.
 Photo Courtesy of Business Insider

Call me an eternal optimist, but I think they really like each other.
And being confident in your relationship (and yourself) is one of the most attractive and admirable  qualities any broad can have.
Photo Courtesy of Hello Online

That's all for today, my broads. I think it's time for a few more bicep curls....