...and everything in its place

Photo originally from houseandhome.com, c/o Roses and Rags

If you are like myself, you may have acquired a lot of trinkets - bowls, trays, vintage mason jars - throughout your home decorating life. While these items (deemed by home stores as "tabletop") look cute in small doses, one can't really display all of them at once. I mean, you could, but you'd either look like someone auditioning for hoarders or you might be one of the lucky people among us who lives in a spacious home with many nooks and crannies for all of your trinkets to live uncluttered. If you're either of those broads, you needn't worry. This post is not for you.

I am one who constantly battles with the desire to collect new cute table top items while keeping my humble two bedroom apartment somewhat clutter free. So you can imagine my delight when I realized in the cold months of January as I was trying to declutter and organize my place, that I already had some great items that could also serve to help organize. Decluttering and re-using old things all at once? Win Win. Here are some ideas....

I absolutely love the idea of using bowls to store jewelry, hair elastics, etc. in vintage bowls or other catch-alls. See the image above for my inspiration. Below are some stylish and affordable options, but my guess is if you're like me, you've got a cute bowl, sitting in a cabinet emptily taking up space, that is just asking for a new job.

Pad Printed Bowls in Ikat - West Elm
Inside Out Bowl, Anthropologie
Mason Jars
I know what you're thinking. Does everything always come back to mason jars with this broad? Well, not always but what better way to use them on a regular basis than to store office supplies, makeup brushes, etc.
Photo c/o esther
Photo c/o homedit
What to do when the flame burns out of your candle? Use the holder again, of course. Whether it's a cute votive you have many of from a past indulgent shopping spree or one of the cute tins that you received as a gift but it's too darn cute to throw away, you can use again in new ways! Just pop it in the freezer for a day or two and crack out any remaining wax. VIOLA, you have a new cute holder. Place it in a bathroom cabinet to hold q-tips or bobby pins, use it to hold tea bags in your pantry. Whatever you need stored, will now have a much more aesthetically pleasing home.
Photo c/o Luna Bazaar
Photo c/o Nordstrom

This is a touchy one. I have far too many coffee mugs. I can't get rid of the fun quirky ones since, you know, they're fun and quirky but my uniform ones from registering seem necessary for that one time in my life where I will need to serve TWELVE people coffee ALL AT ONCE. All sarcasm aside, I wish I could rid myself of my mugs but I cannot. Once again, use at your office or vanity to store items.

Photo c/o the glossarie

This is just the tip of the iceberg, my broads. Start cleaning up and gathering your extra items. Of those that you can't bear to rid yourself of since you know you'll want them again later, how can they be repurposed to keep your life organized now?

Keep in mind that the amount of displaying your items' new uses is up to you. I guarantee you'll get just as much pleasure looking at your necklaces in a sweet bowl that is tucked away inside a drawer as you might if it's out in the open on top of a dresser. Go as eclectic or as clutter free as your little heart desires. Baby Steps.

Happy repurposing!