Git Yer Derby On

Vintage Kentucky Derby Postcard

It's been a while, my broads. While my posts have been lacking as of late, there are some pretty fun projects I've been working on that are sure to be here soon. 

While I have been a busy little bee, I couldn't bring myself to let the Kentucky Derby come and go without some love. So while I am not hosting a party for The Run for the Roses this year, here's some inspiration just the same. After all, I come up with ideas all the time for parties that I don't actually throw.

Mint Juleps

Mint Julep Recipe and Photo c/o Southern Living

Why I only drink these once or twice a year I am unsure. This refreshing cocktail is perfect for a Spring Weekend, horse races or not. And, while not necessary, they just taste better in the traditional julep cup. The best part about the cups is that they can be used year round as a vase, votive, drink favor holder, really anything. Affordable options to purchase are here


Kentucky Burgoo photo and recipe c/o Southern Living

When the bourbon is a-flowing, one mustn't overlook the importance of a hearty meal. Kentucky Burgoo is the obvious meal of choice. The best part is that you can make ahead and just allow guests to serve themselves from either a stovetop pot or crockpot.


Photo c/o House of Wentworth

For any horse race-themed party, a nice tough is to choose the flower in which the winning horse is blanketed.  

Here's your cheat sheet:
Kentucky Derby = Red Roses. 
Preakness = Black Eyed Susans (or yellow viking daisies). 
Belmont Stakes = White Carnations. 

While these flowers are not traditionally my favorite, I love staying true to the theme. 


Free Kentucky Derby Printables c/o The Hostess with the Mostest

I love the extra touch (and not to mention low price!) of printing out themed imagery and using as cupcake flags, drink labels or the topping to drink stirrers. I recommend buying full page label paper and printing on that. Then slap those bad boys on whatever item you wish. For toothpicks or stirrers, after cutting the shape simply peel up the label just a bit and slide said item in between the paper and sticky side, then restick. Viola


Seersucker Round Tablecloth, c/o

Looking for a fun tablescape? Check out your local fabric store for seersucker by the yard. You can get enough for an entire table cover or just a runner. 

Photo and Idea c/o The Gahan Girls

Another idea?  Buy some seersucker fabric and tie it around a mason jar for an adorable vase or votive. See this blog for more seersucker inspiration. Seersucker flags on cupcakes? Just stop it. 


Horse Shoe Cookie Cutter c/o Bakers Bling Shop

Horseshoes are such an easy shape. Buy a cookie cutter and use for cookies or sandwhiches. 

Fascinator from Etsy Shop Marge Iilane

Hats are where it's at on Derby Day, but if you're at an indoor party it can seem a little silly to sit indoors with a big floppy hat for hours on end. Enter the Fascinator. It's the perfect solution that keeps vision unimpaired whilst still remaining festive. Buy one like the option above or take a drugstore headband and some fake flowers form a craft store and get to hot-gluing!

Place your Bets!
There is nothing wrong with some good old fashioned betting on the ponies. Find some fun betting games for your soiree here.

That's all I got for now. Happy Race Season!