Come on you Wanna Packa....

In less than a week I will be basking in the Maui sun with an umbrella'd drink in hand. 
To toot my own horn for a moment, I consider myself to be an expert packer when it comes to trips. In fact, I think it's a skill many broads wish to improve upon. So I've decided to compile a nice visual of  items that I own and will be packing with me to The Valley Isle. My own tidbits for each piece are below. May this help you pack your own carry-on for summer travel ahead. 

Come on you wanna packa....
TCB's Summary, Clockwise from Top Left:
Maxi Dress 
The answer to exerting minimal effort while still looking classy. Did I mention they're comfortable?
Great for a hike or a boat ride when you want more than just a swimsuit but don't want to worry about saggy-wet-shorts-butt.
Can be worn poolside with flats during the day or dressed up at night with wedges and a fun clutch.
Tanning to a crisp is not so classy these days. I brought this bad boy with me to the lake this past weekend and it was a hit amongst 15 other broads. The coverage is light but thorough and
smells fantastic.
Collared Shirt
Great for the plane ride, over your suit or tied at the waist with a pair of shorts. Don't worry about wrinkles, embrace the tousled look on vacay.
Snazzy Bottoms
What's more fun than flamingos on your lower half? I will pair these with a basic black top.
I'l be bringing a gorgeous elephant print version a friend brought me back from Thailand. The ultimate multipurpose item. Tie as shown, low like a maxi skirt, use as a light wrap to warm up at night, or on the beach as a makeshift towel. For those of you without jet-setting-gift-giving friends, hit up Roberta Roller Rabbit for fab prints.
Denim Cutoffs
Make Daisy Duke proud. It's summer after all.
Floppy Hat
Your non-leathery face and décolletage will thank you in the years
to come.
Swimsuit cover up by day, fun dress with wedges by night.
Glitter Sandals
A great tweener when you want more than your pool flippies but
don't want to wear a heel.
No explanation needed, but I do love the bandeau with optional strap. Keep the ladies supported when you need to, but remove the strap for ideal tan lines (when you're wearing SPF 30 or higher, of course).
That's all for now. Aloha, My Broads.