Harvest Brunching Broad

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This broad has a long list of favorite things. Two things that happen to be at the top of said list are the season of Fall and the hybrid meal most famously known as Brunch. Well imagine my excitement when my Supper Club-hostessing turn came and not only did I get the month of October, but we also selected a time other than dinner. My mind immediately went racing with ideas of a Fall-themed Brunch Menu. Last year I blogged about Fall Decor, so luckily I had some great adornments already laying around. The only thing I added was the aforementioned "Happy Fall Y'all" Banner above. And no, I am not Southern, but a San Francisco broad can dream, can't she??

There are tons of great food blogs out there, but I've not found many that can provide an entire menu to help with my hostessing brainstorms. So what does one do when they can't find it? Take matters into their own hands! So, for you, I share my entire menu - complete with recipe links and some drool-enducing photos of each item. I hope this pays it forward and helps a broad or two host a brunch during this splendid time of year.  

To Imbibe
Brunch needs booze. Everyone knows that. I opted for lighter, Fall-inspired drinks with apples as the main flavor to keep it daytime appropriate.

HoneyCrisp and Bourbon Spiced Cider
I made this without mixing bourbon in already and allowed guests to pour their own heavy (or not-s0-heavy) hand. It was an 11:30am start time, after all.
Sparkling Apple Sangria
This drink was the crowd favorite by far. Light, crisp, and oh-so-easy.
To Snack
I always try to have an app or two ready when guests arrive. Selecting brunch appetizers can be more of a challenge but both of these did the trick.
Parmesan Hash Brown Cups
Thank you to my better half for reminding me that everyone loves hash browns. He was right. I used mini muffin tins to make these bite-sized. 
Pumpkin Spread with Cranberry and Hazelnut Crackers 
I paired the RainForest Crisp brand crackers with this yummy sweet/savory spread. Note: I didn't add the toasted almonds on top, but I am sure it's a lovely addition!
To Savor
I then selected two items I thought could partner as the main dishes.
Butternut Squash Tart with Fried Sage
A great recipe I am certain I will cook again. One thing to note: I burned the honey/chili mixture as I am not the best multi-tasker and used regular honey instead and it was delish just the same!
Frittata with Spinach, Sweet Potato and Sausage 
Any self-respecting brunch needs a hearty frittata, quiche or strata. I used chicken apple sausage in lieu of the plain turkey sausage.
To Nosh
To keep the meal light, I added some not-so-savory options.
Harvest Fruit Salad
By far the prettiest fruit salad I've ever made. My only complaint is that this cannot be made very far ahead (unless you want brown apples and pears which, is not classy in this broad's opinion). However, it's still a fruit salad which I file under  "easiest things to make, ever".
Autumn Granola
So easy, I even made it two days ahead as it keeps well if properly sealed. I provided Greek Yogurt to accompany both the Fruit Salad and Granola.
 To Indulge
Pumpkin Muffins with Salted Caramel Glaze
A.K.A. The Showstopper. These were so well received I had guests asking for doggie bags. I'd recommend only frosting half so guests have a choice. Also, the non-frosted versions last longer post-
Prepping Tips
When I am looking for a full menu, it's important that I can find the right mix of recipes that can be prepared ahead of time. This menu was perhaps one of the easiest I've used as far as being able to make several items ahead, which made for a stress-free morning in the broad's home. Here was my plan of action:

Two Days Before
- Granola (this is not a task you want to worry about the day of hosting!)

One Day Before 

- Spiced Cider (refrigerated after steeping for an hour keeping all spices mixed in, then re-heated and strained it the morning of)
- Apple Sangria (mixed the wine and apples and let soak overnight; added champs about 20 min. before guest arrival
-Hash Browns (mixed all ingredients, covered and refrigerated in mini muffin tins overnight)
-Pumpkin Spread (covered and refrigerated overnight)
- Pumpkin Muffins (not the Glaze!)

The Morning Of, in this order...
Made Salted Caramel Glaze for muffins
-Re-heated Cider (leave on stovetop until 20 min. prior to guests arriving)

- Took puff pastry out to thaw for the Tart (this is important!)
- Baked Hash Browns
- Cut Apples for Cider garnish (squeeze lemon on them so as not to brown!)
- Cut all fruit for the Salad (again, using the mixture in the recipe to keep from browning; refrigerate until serving)
- Prepared and Baked Tart
-Prepped and Chopped all ingredients for the Frittata
- Strained Cider and poured into pitcher (accompanied with a decanter of bourbon)
- Added champs to the Sangria
- Took Pumpkin Spread out for the apps
- Cooked the Frittata
- Brought out Fruit Salad and Greek Yogurt
Viola! Brunch Buffet is Served. For those of you who have friends who enjoy booze as much as myself, I also had pairings of Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé which kept with the light, daytime-drinking mood.

So, who's ready for a boozy broad's bruncheon? That's all for now. I'll leave you with a lovely Autumn quote and image (and yes, I had this framed at the buffet table. I can't help myself!)....