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Confession: I love Ikea. I know. It kind of feels like a dirty secret. One that I think needs to be shared. In the few short months since the move, I can't tell you the amount of times I've turned to design blogs, pinterest, etc. only to find a lot of what I liked came from none other than Ikea. Initially, I turned my little nose up when I would realize a furniture piece or decor accessory hailed from the Big I. I'd see something I liked, but then think "I can't get things from there. I'm a classy broad not some starving college student looking for the cheapest excuse for furniture!". Well guess what? The Swedish big box store is one that is used by interior designers the world over. It's all about choosing when to go with a mass-produced item and when to splurge on that one-of-a-kind-exactly-what-you-were-looking-for-timless piece .While it's still very important to make smart purchases - not those that you'll discard in a year and contribute to landfills - it's time to embrace some of the great items this place has to offer. So, below are some of this broad's favorite things.
Home SWEDE Home

White rug / Throw pillow / IKEA RÅSKOG Kitchen cart, turquoise / White chair / Glass shelf / White furniture / BILLY / IKEA Ficus Lyrata / VÅRGYLLEN / NÄVVIVA / RANARP / IKEA Rågkorn

The above collection pretty much sums up why I love Ikea so... but let me break it on down.

1. Looking the Part. There are pieces that look (even feel!) almost the exact same as their pricier counterparts. I'm looking at you Ektorp Chair and Docksta Table.  And you know from Frank's room how much of a fan I am of the Ribba series when it comes to shelving and frames. We've all seen their dopplegangers that are often more than quadruple the price, but the naked eye (or bum) can't tell the difference. In fact,  check reviews online and you'll be pleasantly surprised. They don't just look the part. They hold up. And when you've decided it's time to move on, pay it forward and sell it to another person battling over whether or not they should splurge.

2.  On Trend. Black and white home decor seems to be showing up everywhere. I personally think I'll be adding some into my Holiday Decor this year. And don't even get me started on the popularity of fun tribal-inspired rugs. Want some mid-century looking pieces? Take a stroll through the showroom and you'll find tons of options. Ikea is a great place to procure trendy items you're not ready to commit an entire paycheck to. Items like pillows can always be recovered and rug trends always come back around. Oh, and those fiddle leaf fig trees that are sprouting up all over the decor world? Yep - grab one of those from the Swedes as well. 
3. Function. I've said before that I think I could find a reason for the Raskog cart for every room in my house. The fact that it is turquoise and adds a pop makes it all the more lovable. I now also own the Ranarp lamp that is adjustable in multiple ways to make life easy, but its mixing of metals and black and white cloth cord cover make it a subtle statement in any room that will blend with any style. If only it came in a floor lamp version as well. Wait for it... it does! I also love the white option. 
4. DIY Ideas Abound. Have you seen this transformation of the Vittsjo nesting tables? Do me a favor. Search Vittsjo Hack on Pinterest. Mind Blown. Oh, and if you're looking for a way to create built-in looking shelves, check out this hack or this one of the Billy Bookcases. These are just mere few ideas of hundreds. Hack away, my broads.

Have I changed anyone else's mind? Check it out for yourself. Happy Hunting, my broads!


**A somewhat crunchy granola hippie broad note** 

To be very clear, finding antique, reclaimed or repurposed home items is always best to both master own unique look and to consider this wonderful earth. That being said, I am quite impressed by Ikea's sustainability report as well as their goal to create more energy than they use by the year 2020. Haven't heard of this? Check out this article to learn more.