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Thing 2: Socks

I've never understood why when someone has described a disappointing gift, they generally use socks as the example. I am here to say once and for all that socks are possibly some of the best gifts to receive and also give. Socks are sweaters for your feet. And who doesn't love sweaters!? Do me a favor. Next time you have a long day, come home and slip on some warm fuzzy socks. I dare you to not feel better. Socks are good for the soul. It's a fact.
Do Not overlook this accessory. They can be enjoyed so many ways. Casual socks around the house, socks under boots (tall or short), knee or thigh highs with a saucy skirt, leg warmers to embrace your inner ballerina. Indulge in luxurious cashmere socks or nab a pair of affordable, trendy socks. For the super over achievers, knit a pair of homemade socks.
Socks. Socks. Socks. Rock those Socks.

Thigh high socks with a skirt add a combo of sexy and sweet all at once. Heels make the look mature instead of too schoolgirl. 


Adding a pair of textured socks with booties and cuffed jeans gives a look more dimension and texture.


TCB's personal collection of embroidered stockings from Lands' End

Love these striped stockings and pom poms from Serena & Lily

And, don't forget to dress up your abode with a sock or two. 
After all, those socks as gifts need to go somewhere... Socks in socks!

Time to go stock up on socks...