That Gingham Style

Exhibit A: TCB's old trusty, gingham shirt. J.Crew Factory

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that a couple of weeks back, I showed up to work wearing nearly the exact same outfit as one of my male colleagues. It was a classic, blue and white gingham button up shirt (see above). While this might at first seem like it would be utterly embarrassing, it was quite the opposite. It doesn't hurt that he's one of the best dressed men in our office. But, more importantly, it made me realize just how strong a pattern gingham really is. I mean, this is by no means earth shattering news. In fact, there is already an Instagram account devoted to aforementioned shirt.

But let's take a walk down Gingham road anyway, shall we?

Gingham all over the Spring 2015 Runways {Via}

Gingham is classy, it's preppy, it's crisp. But as you could see on this year's runways, it can also be bold. An enlarged check or bright color adds more pop. And styles such as crop tops, two pieces, mixing and matching various check sizes or patterns make one realize just how versatile this little pattern is.

But I have to admit what I am loving most about Gingham's resurgence is seeing it pop up in home decor. 

Gingham Sheet Set, Serena and Lily

As if I needed to add another item to the Caitlin Wilson Textiles wish list.
Above, her Lilac Burnside Buffalo Check Pillow. For those of you, like me, who are terrible at choosing which color you like best, it's also available in Navy and Black.
Image {Via}

Can you even handle this gingham daybed from Coco Rocha's nursery makeover, c/o One Kings Lane??
This is the epitome of styling a child's room with pieces that can be used over and over again, in any room of the house. While it appears to still be available on OKL, this idea has DIY potential all over it.Time to start looking for that perfect second-hand piece to reupholster...
Pooches deserve decor updates, too. I love this dog bowl sold by Domino.

Albeit a springy, fresh look do not count gingham out as a year long staple. Checks in colors such as navy, orange, green and red make for especially seasonal looks. And I don't need to tell you what a chameleon black and white is. Pair it with a pop of yellow in the summer or red in the winter and you've got yourself an evergreen outfit, decor item or accent. 

Check. Check. Check.