Ready to POP




Popsicles. They're refreshing, delicious and have been popping up (pun intended) in party themes and paper products for some time now. Well, when a dear friend decided she wanted a low-key "sprinkle" to celebrate her second bundle of joy on the way with her nearest and dearest, I knew I'd found my chance to get in on the action. With a baby due in August a popsicle theme worked perfectly. Naturally, I chose to embrace a "Ready to Pop" message as well because it was just too easy.



So here's all the pretty that came from the gathering. 
The Invite
I've said it before and I'll say it again. the invitation sets the tone. While this was a more casual celebration thrown at a restaurant and an online invite would have sufficed, I knew I would have less chances for decor at the gathering so took full advantage of a fun way to kick off the party. I ordered these adorable paper invites from LDPartyShop
While I loved the invite, I have been wanting to execute the idea of an actual popsicle shaped invite for quite some time. So, I cut around the artwork, glued a popsicle stick on the back and used the scraps to cover the stick. The invites were printed on both sides, with the cute polka dot pattern you see above on the back. So gluing paper over it made the back appear seamless. Details, my broads. 
 The Favor
If you couldn't already tell, it was quite a challenge for me to "scale back" with this party. I called the restaurant ahead of time asking what was allowed and pretty much was shut down on most of my go-to's (paper runners.... sigh). But I knew I could do favors! 
So I got crafty and used this idea from Sarah Hearts to make popsicle-shaped favor boxes. The only difference was that I bought the pillow boxes from Studio Idea because, I don't have the patience to cut my own pillow boxes without losing my mind. or messing up. and then crying that I messed up. But i digress...



I filled these bad boys with colorful saltwater taffy. Note to self: candy by the pound adds up fast. I eyeballed what I thought I needed, then after hearing the weight, decreased by TWO POUNDS. I still had leftover taffy. Not a problem, but trying to help a fellow broad out when they're making candy store decisions. 

The Decor


Though I ran into some obstacles, I was allowed to bring in some flowers, minimal balloons and some stirrers and straws. I also brought confetti to scatter across the tables (it seemed appropriate given that this was a "sprinkle") but then the day was a bit windy and I didn't want to make myself or anyone else pick up hundreds of pieces of confetti.


I used the favors as the main piece of table decor. It was the perfect touch.



I kept the flower colors simple since there was so much color otherwise. I made flags using popsicle-themed washi tape from wrap works


Once drinks were served,  guests used the striped and polka dot straws I armed them with at their place settings.


When I asked if balloons were allowed, I was told yes but only a couple. So I abided  and brought only 3.  They just happened to be really large ones. Clear balloons and confetti from Knot & Bow. 


Happy Mama

The guest of honor enjoying her sprinkle. If she looks familiar, it's because I shared her Pink and Blue Baby Shower over 2 years ago. 

My favorite hostess-to-guest-of-honor gift to give is Thank You notes  in the theme of the party I've thrown. Paper Source didn't let me down. 
And that, my broads, is how TCB does a sprinkle. While it was tough to not go full broad with the details and decor, it was fantastic to leave the restaurant and not do more than 3 minutes of post-party clean up. Until next time...