Brother Bear's New Room

Since you saw that my first born was recently kicked out of his digs to make room for #2, It's only appropriate I share the changes I made to our guest room-turned-toddler bedroom. I'll be honest that this took much more thought and energy than the nursery did, mainly because this room needed to serve three purposes in 120 square feet: Bedroom, playroom and guest room. It's officially been used for each purpose and so far, so good! Here are the deets...

New Paint, Old Faves
First thing we did to update this room was give the previously dark tan walls some fresh paint. Mr. Broad was all about having some dark blue in the mix but I was a nervous nelly about painting an entire room that color. So we went with an accent wall and three more neutral walls. The colors of choice were some of my trusty favorites that I've both used myself and recommended to others many times. Accent wall is Van Deusen Blue and the other walls are Moonshine, both by Sir Benjamin Moore.

A Bed for Big Brother

 I was given the sage advice to keep my first born in a crib for as long as possible, at least until middle school, if he allows it.  Therefore, I held off on getting a big boy bed for him but chose a crib which had a toddler bed conversion option that I preferred since it will most likely be that for longer than it's a crib. We'll see how long we can keep this monkey caged.



Since my initial post, I decided to add these paper pennants we had saved from our wedding. The colors were perfect and I think it adds just that little extra something the room was missing.

Nerd Alert


Since I loved the look of the vintage school poster from the baby's room, I knew I wanted to carry that theme into this room. Mr. Broad (who perhaps I should start calling Mr. Opinion!), really loved the idea of having the periodic table of elements. Some of my weaknesses include: 1. Dads who actually care about things like their child's room decor and, 2. Nerds. So, alas, we went with that option for the area above the crib. I bought the paper, some round dowels, and attached twine. It took about 10 minutes. Way too easy. For further instruction, check out the steps shown at Refresh Restyle.

Gallery Dreams
Can you believe the bungalow was previously without a gallery wall? Crazy, I know! I'd been waiting a long time for the right place to display some of our favorite sports memorabilia and here my chance arrived. While we dream of one day having an adult game room where we can hang many of these items, a little boy's room seems the next logical option. Mixed in with the sports swag were other sentimental items and memories from past travels.

Which way to the guest room?

Space is tight in the bungalow, but that doesn't mean we will turn away guests! I scoured the internet for a sofa sleeper that was small enough to fit in this corner of the room while able to sleep two. Meet the Axis II Full Sleeper Sofa from C&B. It checked the boxes in terms of size and  scored major bonus points since its covers can be machine washed. The best part? I actually got mine used. And you better believe I washed every inch of it a couple times over. And though white seems crazy at first for a high traffic room, it also means it can be bleached. Genius. 

I'm nothing if not consistent. Another piece of wrapping paper turned art, this time Cavallini's Hemispheres.


I'm planning to update this basic dresser with some fun knobs. Perhaps these?
If you couldn't tell by other posts, reading is encouraged in our home. While shelves are still stocked with kids' books from my Book Shower, I added some mature options. Both The Alchemist and The Great Gatsby hold special places in my and Mr. Broad's hearts. 

A place for all the THINGS

The most exciting part of making this room serve as play room was that it meant our living room was able to turn back into a grown up room. Hooray! Many of the items that are now nicely stored in these here shelves were previously divided amongst #1's old room and a corner of our living room. While there is still way more stuff than I'd like, this is real life. The good news?  Said THINGS have a cute home in the KALLAX shelves and Stripes Around the Cube Bins

3-in-1 Room Complete! And I think I'll take a break now.... or at least until #2 arrives. Cheers my dears, ~TCB