Say Cheese.

It's that time, my broads. You know it well. When you realize you need to start figuring out holiday cards and the photos you'll share with your nearest and dearest (and even some people you've not communicated with since last year when you sent a card). Let's be real. These are pretty silly. It's tough to get a good shot of everyone even when squirmy children are not involved, and they're about as far away from "natural" as anything could be despite the fact that most are captured in the outdoors, with great lighting and natural colors. But, alas, I've got mine planned for this weekend and know that they will end up being something I'll cherish for years to come. They're a memory of a point in time that will never come again. A lot about them are not fun, but you know what is fun? Planning the outfits! Below are three ideas for three different settings. Big shout out to my Vineyard Broad and Farm Broad friends who shared what they wore and allowed me to share. It's no doubt I have some pretty stylish friends. The Beach Broad is yours truly. May this help your planning as well. SAY CHEESE!!!

Out in the Vineyards

When you're lucky enough to live in wine country, you take advantage of that backdrop. My friend planned this scheme and I was so impressed at how well coordinated the colors were without looking matchy-matchy. And that romper... Click Here for Sources.

Down by the Beach

Winter Beach shots are all about blues, greens, cozy sweaters and some casual, (ideally waterproof) shoes. Bring a large blanket scarf for both an accessory and an option to lay on the sand.  Click Here for Sources.

Out on the Farm

My dear friend took recent outdoor shots at an organic farm and her outfit choices were so spot on that I immediately asked if I could share. This color scheme makes me want to rush out and pick apples. And there's something about that sweet sweater for Big Sis that brings me back to the Eighties in the best way possible...Click Here for Sources.

So there you have it. Inspiring options for the vines, waves, trees and beyond. May your cute ensembles make the photo taking a bit more bearable.