E-Design Now Available

Last week was a big one for this broad. After years and years of thinking about starting my own styling business (and not to mention also many, many conversations, glasses of wine, excuses for why I wasn't ready, etcetera, etcetera), I finally decided to get my act together and DO IT. First came this new site, which you hopefully love, and now comes me sharing the services that I am offering to all of you broads (and beaus). 

I've helped many friends and family members style their homes or parties and now is the time to expand and do the same for the friends I haven't yet made. I've chosen E-Design as my primary focus because I love the flexibility and accessibility it offers. E-Design is truly for clients with any budget, anywhere. It puts the effort of researching, curating and sourcing into my hands so that my clients are free of the hassle. After we meet and chat about your project, a board is created just for you. We will chat again to discuss any needs for changes or iterations. And then, VIOLA! A complete design board customized to your needs is delivered to you along with styling instructions and links for where to purchase each piece. It's up to you when and how you go about acquiring each item. Like I said, easy. flexible, stress-free. 

Need some pretty visuals? Here is an example of an E-Design I did for a recent client who needed to update her living room:

More about Interior Styling Services  HERE . 

More about Interior Styling Services HERE

And here's an example of E-Design I did for a client who hosted a bridal shower:

More about Event Styling Services  HERE . 

More about Event Styling Services HERE

So there you have it, my broads. A big old goal for 2017 has been checked off my list. Now it's time for me to hustle. I can't wait to share more adventures and pretty pictures with you along the way. 

To New Beginnings!