Rug Roundup

With several interior styling e-design projects in full swing, I am constantly reminded of the importance of a good - nay, GREAT rug. A good rug makes a room. Plain and simple. But a rug purchase can also be an emotional one. Is it the right size? Why is it so pricey? What if my kids spill on it immediately and I need to sell one of them to buy a new rug? Well, consider your questions answered below with some of my current favorite, durable, affordable rugs. And did I mention you can buy them all on Amazon?! If you're able to buy a high quality rug, whether it's new or vintage, by all means, do it. You won't regret it. But if you're a scaredy cat like me and need to be sure you like something and would rather spend less at this point in life, then take a peek at my faves below. You're welcome. 

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Each of these choices are classic yet on-trend, have forgiving patterns for both wear and spills and they look fantastic alone or even layered over a natural fiber, sisal rug. I love layering rugs for added texture and dimension. As for the question of size, the answer is "When in doubt, go big". A small rug makes a room appear smaller and unfinished. Designer rule of thumb is that if you cannot have the rug completely under every piece of furniture, have at least two furniture legs per piece on the rug and be sure to extend at least 6 inches from each side of your sofa or other large seating piece. Capisce?

Now, go cut (err, buy!) a rug. 


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