Anatomy of a Bar Cart

It's a Summer Friday so where else would my mind be but thinking about my weekend plans...? This is a short, sweet, hopefully oh-so-helpful post sharing a design board I recently created for a client whose bar cart needed some love. 

It's all about mixing glass, metallics, greenery, and color. Be sure to vary your items in terms of height, visual depth and textures. A bar cart should have at least one source of "life", be it in a plant, a bowl of fruit or fresh flowers. All three is acceptable, too. Don't forget to add some personality! Quirky pieces such as trays or cocktail napkins can do this as can wittily-titled or brightly-colored books. For homes with little ones, be sure items are on the bottom shelf are less valuable or very durable, because this broad is realistic and thinks you should be too.

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