Tuesday Museday: TCB's Personal Fave

While I usually try to choose muses who I think appeal to everyone, this Tuesday's Muse is someone who has personally inspired me over the years. And she doesn't even know it. Or know me. Creepy? Maybe. But I am oh so grateful that she exists and even more excited that she has decided to start her own business.

TCB's personal muse, Abby Capalbo who just launched her own Styling Business.
Way back when, this broad was planning herself a little seaside wedding in Tiburon. It was before Pinterest existed but I found this wedding on SMP and just drooled. 
This image alone was a huge inspiration for my own nuptials. 
So much of this beautiful Rhode Island wedding spoke to me. I ended up using nearly every photo from this feature as inspiration for my own wedding
I even indulged in using the same invitation company, Paper Moss, who to this day created my dream invites (you know I am a paper girl).
I just loved everything about her big day - this woman I didn't know but was convinced was my kindred spirit when it came to vision. The color scheme, the adirondack chairs, the aqua stripes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So fast forward to today when I was walking to lunch, perusing my instagram feed and I see this photo...
Gasp! It’s a shot from Abby’s home tour on SMP Living. Are those my same pillows? Coffee table? General color scheme? Yes. Yes. Yes. The similarities in her style and my taste are uncanny. 
We even seem to share the same love for striped twine. So, check out some of my favorite photos from this tour, if you too are into preppy, coastal, classic-with-a-twist décor as much as I. All photos are courtesy of SMP Living and Leila Brewster Photography.
Perhaps one day this Abby and myself will cross paths and share a glass of wine whilst chatting about our love for navy blue, golden retrievers and initials. I can't wait to follow along as her business grows. And I use the term follow very loosely. After all, this isn't called The Stalking Broad's blog, right? 
Until then, my broads, Happy Museday!!

Tuesday Museday: Mademoiselle Bardot


This past weekend I decided to tell my beloved hairstylist, Franco, to go for it and give me subtle, Bardot-esque bangs. Thus, she is my Tuesday Muse. Does it get more feminine than this broad? She is the ultimate bombshell. 



This trend is by no means new; I've been admiring Zooey Deschanel, Nicole Richie and Alexa Chung's parted, wispy bangs for quite some time. However, it was something that until I did some research I thought was not possible for myself.

Why? I have been blessed with a lion's mane of unruly waves and curls complemented with stubborn cowlicks. Try not to be too jealous. While I wear my hair blown out most of the time to manage it, I've always assumed that bangs were cute but out of the question. They never seemed to fall right on my face.

But then I consulted the Google machine and within minutes I had a collection of how-to articles and even videos that I can now share with other cowlicky broads.

Taming The Beast
See this Allure article for a thorough step-by-step. The key is the right brush, not allowing bangs to dry at all on their own and pulling your hair to both the left and right as you dry them to TRICK the cowlick. Not only is this sneaky, it works!

Even better, this Whoorl post shows you how to do this with photos. And remember you can part your hair wherever you'd like. 


Making the Cut
Remember that your hair, hairline, cowlicks (or lack thereof) are unique to you. My stylist played around with my hairline and where the bangs should start, how thick they should be and how long they need to be so as to fall to the sides rather than run straight across the forehead. The last thing I made sure he did was include longer wispier layers down each side, like the broads are sporting in the below image.  Be sure you trust the person holding the scissors.


Bad Bang Days
Last but not least, remember that bangs will always grow. And, on days you're not feeling like a french model, refer to our muse and pull them back with a headband, bow or bobby pins....


To truly complete our Muse's look, swipe some black liner in a cat eye shape and a nude or soft pink lip color.

Au revoir pour l'instant, vous les femmes chics.

Tuesday Museday: Heart on my Sleeves

It's that time of year again, my broads. Awards Show season is upon us and from last weekend's display of fashion, apparently so are sleeves! I must say I am really happy that these starlets, despite being in LA and pretend-complaining about the cold, actually dressed like it was JANUARY. Deep gem tones, wintry flowiness, long sleeves, well done! So, it's only appropriate that I pay homage to the fact that sleeves are very much back or at least until the temp rises again from the depths of 40 degrees (at least for us Californians). Dare I say, that 'twas the Duchess who may have started this back with her sleeved wedding gown?

Oh hey, Pippa. I know you had sleeves too. Calm Down. 

But I digress.... what I love most about what these women chose is that they squashed the idea that long sleeves = not sexy. Au contraire! 

Here is my tip for long sleeves. If you choose something with them, be sure there is a nice contour, open back, deep V, SOMETHING to give it that little something. See Julianne's lovely portrayal above. 

Here are just a few options I found that I think fit the bill for those cold, cocktail party nights. 

Wear your heart on your sleeve....

Can't decide if I like the black or white version better!
Long Sleeved Embellished Party Dress, Free People
Dress from us trendy
Cut 25 Long Sleeve Asymmetrical Dress, Piperlime

Halston Heritage Long Sleeve Ponte Dress

Kamalikulture Jersey Sheath Dress

Alicia Dress from French Connection, at Nordstrom

I'm spent. Time to think up drink ideas for my Oscar Party. 

Happy Tuesday!


Tuesday Museday: Wrapper's Delight

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Spring Summer 2013

This isn't breaking news, but head scarves and wraps are showing up everywhere these days. From the Runway to Pinterest, there are ideas-a-plenty for wrapping your pretty little head. Gone are the days that this look was reserved for cleaning house and being a domestic broad.

When looking for a Muse, I recommend Vintage Broads. Here are just a few...

Rosie the Riveter

A feminist with a nice wrap. Turban styles are in big time.
Check out some How To's on Reclaimed Wreckage.


Miss Sex on a Platter Herself.  Lucky for us, this can be a cute look on any Broad.

 Brigitte Bardot

Ooh. La. La. My favorite hair muse of all, Madame Bardot.
More on hairstyles a la Brigitte at Andrea's Beau.
That's right. It's a blog completely dedicated to headbands.
Please- hold your applause to the end.

Jackie O

I've already shared my love for Mrs. Kennedy's Style

Ready for your own wrap?

Anthropologie's Scarf Topknot How To

My Favorite Place to Buy a Ready Made Hair Scarf?
Bachman's Sparrow. You're Welcome.

This is just the beginning, my broads.
Find your favorite look HERE and wrap away!

Until Next Tuesday,