is Hard Good. 

I left my heart...

Well, this year has been one of big changes for this broad. For those who know me, they know I don't generally do well with change. Not only did we welcome a beautiful baby boy into our family, we also were blessed with the opportunity to buy our first home. This meant packing up and leaving the city I've called mine for almost a decade. Tony Bennett really was on to something...

San Francisco has given me so much.

It's where I met my husband (well, technically we met in San Jose but we were the only two crazy young people to work in San Jo and live in SF). It's where I made most of my adult friends whom I cherish to this day. It's where I threw baby showers, oscar parties and any other excuse for a gathering. It's where I celebrated countless engagements, milestone birthdays, weddings, babies and also where I mourned the losses of some dear friends and family. It's where I joined a book club, a wine club, and a cooking club (but really they were all wine clubs). It's where I first lived in my own big-girl apartment by myself. It's where I realized that guy I met from work was my lid and was lucky enough to find that he felt the same. It's where I celebrated not one, but two San Francisco Giants' World Series Championships.  It's where my husband (then fiancé) and I moved into our first home together. It's where I discovered my love for wine country, despite not always remembering the entire trip or what I learned at each winery. It's where we planned a wedding and where we came home to after our honeymoon. It's where we found our adorable mutt at the SPCA when we went in one day "just to look".  It's where we lived as newlyweds. It's where I decided I should write a silly blog about all the things going on in my crazy brain.

And, above all else, it's where my baby boy was born and where we brought him home for the first time.


Saying goodbye to Frank's first nest.

But the best part about stories, is that there are chapters.

One of my favorite things my husband reminds me of all the time - whether things are good or bad - is that everything happening is all part of our story. When times are tough, it's just a not so great chapter. Things pass. Opportunities arise. Chances are given and changes are made. I have no doubt in my mind that this crazy world lines up opportunities for a reason.  So, here we are settling into our first suburban home as a family and I am already surprised at how seamless the change has been. What seemed scary has in fact been the start of one of the good - maybe even great - chapters of the story. San Francisco is close, it's no longer home. And home is where I am with my family. Or as I like to call them, the Broad's Brood.

The Broad (and Brood's) New Bungalow.

 So here's to the next chapter. I'm sure you'll be learning more about our new little bungalow in posts to come. Did I mention it has a breakfast nook?? I know.
Until next time,

***Gotta give credit where credit is due. HUGE Shout Out to Joielala Photographie who, to this day, I am so happy to have found to capture some of life's biggest moments and where two links are from above. Also thanks to Lisa Pattisson Photography for nailing our newborn session. I had a feeling those city shots would be invaluable one day...

Prints on Prints on Prints on....

To say I am obsessed with stripes would be an understatement. I am a believer that a well made and fitting nautical, horizontally striped shirt knows no season or time and therefore, will always be in style. 

Oh, Grace. You never disappoint. Photo Credit
But every now and then, a broad must step out of her comfort zone. The newest look I am seeing and loving these days is mixing multiple bold prints to create a fun, preppy-meets-modern look. Since I am a sucker for not only striped shirts but also florals and polka dots, it's time I take the plunge. I encourage you to do the same, but not without some inspiring photos to help you along the way....

Stripes do the Polka

Stripes and polka dots are a match made in heaven when done right. My tip would be to ease into this look by starting with the same colors, like below.
Photo Credit

Photo Credit

You'll be surprised after one wear how much more confident you'll get in mixing. After that, bring on the color!
Photo Credit 
Photo Credit

Make it Pretty with Flowers
Flowers- or in this case, florals - really do make everything better sometimes. I love the below looks for achieving a preppy and bold look at the same time. Florals are everywhere these days, from tops to bottoms to accessories like scarves. 
Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Photo Credit
Photo Credit

Stripes Squared
Not for the weenie pattern-mixer, the stripe on stripe look is a tough one but when mastered, it's a showstopper. The below broads did it right.
Photo Credit
Photo Credit
Photo Credit
Bring it on Home
Now time to play with patterns in your classy abode...Feast your eyes on some lovely home decor ideas.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit
Photo Credit

Now go mix away, my broads...


Tuesday Museday: Just Cinch It!

I cannot tell you how many times I look at an outfit in the mirror - whether it's a dress, a cardigan, a flowy top and say to myself "This would be cute, if I just cinched it". I then recall the SNL Gap Girls skit while simultaneously holding my hands tight on the outfit where the imaginary belt would be. Am I the only broad who does this??

I love belts. Skinny belts, thick woven belts, belts tied in knots, you name it. They can polish an outfit, add a little something to a monochromatic look, and are the perfect thing to throw in a suitcase just in case you need it. So, on this Tuesday Museday, I give you some looks I love as well as the belts that can pull them together.

The Looks

Over a Blazer
Break up a Maxi Dress
Over a Cardigan
Belt a boxy jacket
Wear it with a Cocktail Dress
Seriously, this girl knows a belt better than anyone.
I love it over a sweater and skirt combo.

The Belts.....

The Skinny

These are the most versatile since you can wear them at your natural waist or higher, depending on the look. *Hint* Buy the belt as it would fit at your natural waist and then get a shoe repair place to punch a few more holes closer in, where you might wear it higher up, at an empire waist line.

Tassels are in style in a big way this Fall. This belt is so perfect since you can tie it to fit you -no  holes!
Wanna really get crazy? I think this could double as a necklace, tied low and loose.
Thrice Around Belt, Anthropologie
Who doesn't love a chevron pattern?
Levi's Skinny Rope Belt
I love bows. This belt is feminine while still grown up.
J.Crew Leather Bow Belt

The Cas Look

Cloth belts stay in place and will look great over a top or a long flowy maxi dress.
Crochet Hook Belt, Anthroplogie

Classic and Simple. This belt will look great over a dress or
long sweater and pairs perfectly with Riding Boots for Fall.
Single File Belt, Anthro (again)

Blinged Belt

Okay, so these might be intended for bridal attire but I disagree! This could look so great over an LBD
or can dress up a simple top for a night out.
BrideMadeManhattan, Etsy

When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip...

We all know color-blocking is in. But I can't get enough of all the items I am seeing out there that look - or sometimes in fact are - dipped in paint. Whether it's a new accessory or coming up with an eye-popping way to freshen up an old piece, I am all about this craze. As for DIY,  let's remember that anything you paint can always be painted again. So, come on and do the Dip!

Dip Your Kicks

These shoes and the color combos they come in make me want to buy one for each day of the week. Even more interesting is the story behind how they're made. It's like Tie-Dye, but actually cute! Hand Painted Taika Flats, Anthropologie
Dip Your Bag
A clutch is a great way to subtly embrace a trend.
Big Buddha Clutch, Nordstrom

And then there are higher end bags that are worth the trend...
Oh, Kate. You've done it again.
Palm Groves Melinda Handbag, Kate Spade
Dip in the Kitch 
Want to spunk up your kitchen tools? Buy some paint and dip! Simple and easy way to brighten your space or tie in your color scheme...  

Prefer Buy to DIY? Wind & Willow's Etsy Shop showcase tons of Dipped options. These bowls are just the beginning.
Can a broad have too many cheese boards?
Here are some fab finds from Anthro, but don't think you can't make your own by heading to your favorite inexpensive home and hardware store...

More DIY Dips

Take some Paint to your old pottery and instantly freshen up your outdoor space or window sill.
That Chair or side table that just seems dull? Dip the legs!
I have a pair of not-so-cute pine bar stools that are just asking for a Dippin'...

And of course, it wouldn't be right to share DIY ideas without including an idea from Miss Martha. Like these Dip-Dyed baskets? Find the How-To Here

And there you have it. Whether it's a new trendy piece, or being inspired to freshen up a part of your home, Color Dipping is a great option. Just remember: As with any trend, Less is More.

Stay Classy (and Crafty), My Broads.