Say Cheese.

It's that time, my broads. You know it well. When you realize you need to start figuring out holiday cards and the photos you'll share with your nearest and dearest (and even some people you've not communicated with since last year when you sent a card). Let's be real. These are pretty silly. It's tough to get a good shot of everyone even when squirmy children are not involved, and they're about as far away from "natural" as anything could be despite the fact that most are captured in the outdoors, with great lighting and natural colors.

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Laces Out

This top is on-trend and under 20 Bucks. Via

First things first. I will admit that I am a hockey fan so laced up shirts are somewhat calling my name for that reason. Rest assured, this is a trend that is neither too hockey sweater nor pirate-y and instead is so right. This style offers so much versatility.

What are you looking for? Sporty? Maybe flirty? Or preppy with a dash of nautical? This shirt can achieve all of those goals and more. It's a top that seems to be popping up everywhere as of late, which means the world is your oyster when it comes to price point. I've corralled some options below. My personal fave being the Sezane Gigi Blouse. If you've not yet perused this french apparel site, I apologize to your bank account now.

Still needs some convincing? This little power player will serve as your shirt and your accessory. No need for a necklace. See... I've already justified your next purchase for you, my broads.

And remember, Laces Out!

Laces Out


HD in Paris red top


Madewell striped top


Madewell ivory top


Storee top


Cloth Stone sweater pullover


Meadow Rue white pullover

Sunny Disposition //TC #seesummerbetter

Swift decision making is not one of my virtues. Decision making about larger purchases for items that are meant to last a while are even more paralyzing for me. And with summer in full swing, I was faced with the need for some new fun sunglasses (or as I like to call them "Funglasses") and thus, deciding which pair I should purchase.

Well my broads, the folks at Warby Parker know how to handle a waffler like me. Allow me to introduce you to their Home Try-On program. That's right. HOME as in they send 5 sunnies of your choosing directly to you, TRY ON as you gallivant around town with cute sunnies on awaiting compliments from the masses. Upon receiving said compliments and also learning what you like and don't about each pair, you either decide you don't need any, that you need ALL of them, or maybe just a  pair. And then you send them back. It's real. Believe me. 

So, I decided to peruse the site and pick a few looks. Below were my selections and I must say that it took a lot for me to break out of my classic brown-tortoise-only shell I've been living in the past decade and choose some different options to give a chance. And I am so glad I did! The winner surprised me, but I'll share more of that later. 

Care to see them in action? I thought you'd never ask!

Getting Dressed up in Banks
Monday Commute in Halford
Jennings (and Bernie)
Sunday Sprinkle Brunch (post coming soon on that!) in  Ellison
Messy Bunning it in Raglan

I must say, I surprised myself and went with Ellison! The combo of shape, color and compliments made it easy. Now time for you to go try your 5 pairs and #SeeSummerBetter.

The Future is Bright, my Broads!