Brother Bear's New Room

Since you saw that my first born was recently kicked out of his digs to make room for #2, It's only appropriate I share the changes I made to our guest room-turned-toddler bedroom. I'll be honest that this took much more thought and energy than the nursery did, mainly because this room needed to serve three purposes in 120 square feet: Bedroom, playroom and guest room. It's officially been used for each purpose and so far, so good! Here are the deets...

New Paint, Old Faves
First thing we did to update this room was give the previously dark tan walls some fresh paint. Mr. Broad was all about having some dark blue in the mix but I was a nervous nelly about painting an entire room that color. So we went with an accent wall and three more neutral walls. The colors of choice were some of my trusty favorites that I've both used myself and recommended to others many times. Accent wall is Van Deusen Blue and the other walls are Moonshine, both by Sir Benjamin Moore.

A Bed for Big Brother

 I was given the sage advice to keep my first born in a crib for as long as possible, at least until middle school, if he allows it.  Therefore, I held off on getting a big boy bed for him but chose a crib which had a toddler bed conversion option that I preferred since it will most likely be that for longer than it's a crib. We'll see how long we can keep this monkey caged.



Since my initial post, I decided to add these paper pennants we had saved from our wedding. The colors were perfect and I think it adds just that little extra something the room was missing.

Nerd Alert


Since I loved the look of the vintage school poster from the baby's room, I knew I wanted to carry that theme into this room. Mr. Broad (who perhaps I should start calling Mr. Opinion!), really loved the idea of having the periodic table of elements. Some of my weaknesses include: 1. Dads who actually care about things like their child's room decor and, 2. Nerds. So, alas, we went with that option for the area above the crib. I bought the paper, some round dowels, and attached twine. It took about 10 minutes. Way too easy. For further instruction, check out the steps shown at Refresh Restyle.

Gallery Dreams
Can you believe the bungalow was previously without a gallery wall? Crazy, I know! I'd been waiting a long time for the right place to display some of our favorite sports memorabilia and here my chance arrived. While we dream of one day having an adult game room where we can hang many of these items, a little boy's room seems the next logical option. Mixed in with the sports swag were other sentimental items and memories from past travels.

Which way to the guest room?

Space is tight in the bungalow, but that doesn't mean we will turn away guests! I scoured the internet for a sofa sleeper that was small enough to fit in this corner of the room while able to sleep two. Meet the Axis II Full Sleeper Sofa from C&B. It checked the boxes in terms of size and  scored major bonus points since its covers can be machine washed. The best part? I actually got mine used. And you better believe I washed every inch of it a couple times over. And though white seems crazy at first for a high traffic room, it also means it can be bleached. Genius. 

I'm nothing if not consistent. Another piece of wrapping paper turned art, this time Cavallini's Hemispheres.


I'm planning to update this basic dresser with some fun knobs. Perhaps these?
If you couldn't tell by other posts, reading is encouraged in our home. While shelves are still stocked with kids' books from my Book Shower, I added some mature options. Both The Alchemist and The Great Gatsby hold special places in my and Mr. Broad's hearts. 

A place for all the THINGS

The most exciting part of making this room serve as play room was that it meant our living room was able to turn back into a grown up room. Hooray! Many of the items that are now nicely stored in these here shelves were previously divided amongst #1's old room and a corner of our living room. While there is still way more stuff than I'd like, this is real life. The good news?  Said THINGS have a cute home in the KALLAX shelves and Stripes Around the Cube Bins

3-in-1 Room Complete! And I think I'll take a break now.... or at least until #2 arrives. Cheers my dears, ~TCB

Room for One More...

Well my dears, this fall will bring yet another change for the broad and her brood. It could be days or weeks, but our little family of 4 (including our pup, of course!) will be adding one more into the mix. Personally, I find fewer things more exciting than a new arrival. And the fact that I got a chance to design two (!) new spaces was the icing on the cake. 
Come along while I show you the updates made to the current nursery to prepare for #2....I think you'll find most of the foundation remained the same from the first time around, but I added some new touches. 
If it ain't broke, don't re-paint. 
Even though we moved to the bungalow after designing my son's nursery, we had paint remaining and I couldn't resist making his room in our new home the same as his first in San Francisco. The paint was chosen prior to knowing our son's gender and it really does work for either. Paint is Benjamin Moore's Cool Mint




I kept most bedding the same from the first time around since the Mocha crib bumper and skirt from Serena & Lily (no longer available, my apologies!) are perfectly neutral, but I added a new crib sheet which is the Cut Circle crib sheet in Peony, also from S&L. 


The alphabet banner also remains. As a reminder, this is just wrapping paper, some dowels and twine. Inspiration for the DIY was  from Home Heart Craft


This mobile was hands down my son's favorite thing in his early months of life. It hangs over the changing table. 

Whatcha Lookin' at Swan?

I have no idea what "I'll be your Swan" means, but when I walked into Pippa & Co. and saw this print, I needed it. Print by Leah Duncan. Bay Area Broads - do yourself a favor and make it a point to get to Pippa & Co. in Alameda. You will not be disappointed. 

You'll never know, dear, how much I love you...

A sweet friend painted this for me and I just love it so. When she gave it to me, she said "You  know, everyone quotes the first part of 'You are my sunshine' but I think this line is the best of the song". I couldn't agree more. Plus, there's nothing like a one-of-a-kind piece handmade by a friend. 


Shelfie Love

This area on the leaning shelf is my favorite part of the room. On the topic of art that speaks to me, I had been looking for a reason to buy a piece of Clare Elsaesser's work and the Days End print worked perfectly with the color scheme. Check her out. Her work is the bee's knees. The framed quoted print has been in the room since before #1 arrived so the torch has been passed. Oh and Flavia! Isn't she fabulous? Who doesn't need a little flamingo in their life.

A well read Broad
I tried not to go too girly in this room, but I couldn't resist buying some of my favorite stories which all were about strong, intelligent, spirited women. My personal fave is Anne of Green Gables. I wanted so badly to be Anne when I was young; so much that I wished my hair was red! Books are published by Puffin In Bloom with gorgeous covers painted by Rifle Paper Co. 
I saw these fabric flowers at Target and bought them on a whim. A day later, I stuck each one on a kabob stick, threw them in a vase and called it a day!
Still love these shelves, decorated with many of the same books I received at my Book Shower for #1.

Bags are packed

Still one of the best gifts I received was the personalized baby tote. It will serve as the hospital bag for both babes and has been used for many many trips since I received it, It will no doubt get even more mileage in the years to come. My pink tote was a gift from a friend for being her bridesmaid and I love it. Get your own at Ballard Designs.  

The piece de resistance!

I walked into the Rusty Gate in Santa Cruz and saw this light fixture. It was sweet, subtle, feminine and a great price. I left that day without it but kept seeing it in my dreams. Luckily, my mama bear was able to snag it for me and it's literally the fixture of the room. 


one more look.....

And that, my friends, is Baby Broad's room... Until next time, ~TCB

Home SWEDE Home

Confession: I love Ikea. I know. It kind of feels like a dirty secret. One that I think needs to be shared. In the few short months since the move, I can't tell you the amount of times I've turned to design blogs, pinterest, etc. only to find a lot of what I liked came from none other than Ikea. Initially, I turned my little nose up when I would realize a furniture piece or decor accessory hailed from the Big I. I'd see something I liked, but then think "I can't get things from there. I'm a classy broad not some starving college student looking for the cheapest excuse for furniture!". Well guess what? The Swedish big box store is one that is used by interior designers the world over. It's all about choosing when to go with a mass-produced item and when to splurge on that one-of-a-kind-exactly-what-you-were-looking-for-timless piece .While it's still very important to make smart purchases - not those that you'll discard in a year and contribute to landfills - it's time to embrace some of the great items this place has to offer. So, below are some of this broad's favorite things.
Home SWEDE Home

White rug / Throw pillow / IKEA RÅSKOG Kitchen cart, turquoise / White chair / Glass shelf / White furniture / BILLY / IKEA Ficus Lyrata / VÅRGYLLEN / NÄVVIVA / RANARP / IKEA Rågkorn

The above collection pretty much sums up why I love Ikea so... but let me break it on down.

1. Looking the Part. There are pieces that look (even feel!) almost the exact same as their pricier counterparts. I'm looking at you Ektorp Chair and Docksta Table.  And you know from Frank's room how much of a fan I am of the Ribba series when it comes to shelving and frames. We've all seen their dopplegangers that are often more than quadruple the price, but the naked eye (or bum) can't tell the difference. In fact,  check reviews online and you'll be pleasantly surprised. They don't just look the part. They hold up. And when you've decided it's time to move on, pay it forward and sell it to another person battling over whether or not they should splurge.

2.  On Trend. Black and white home decor seems to be showing up everywhere. I personally think I'll be adding some into my Holiday Decor this year. And don't even get me started on the popularity of fun tribal-inspired rugs. Want some mid-century looking pieces? Take a stroll through the showroom and you'll find tons of options. Ikea is a great place to procure trendy items you're not ready to commit an entire paycheck to. Items like pillows can always be recovered and rug trends always come back around. Oh, and those fiddle leaf fig trees that are sprouting up all over the decor world? Yep - grab one of those from the Swedes as well. 
3. Function. I've said before that I think I could find a reason for the Raskog cart for every room in my house. The fact that it is turquoise and adds a pop makes it all the more lovable. I now also own the Ranarp lamp that is adjustable in multiple ways to make life easy, but its mixing of metals and black and white cloth cord cover make it a subtle statement in any room that will blend with any style. If only it came in a floor lamp version as well. Wait for it... it does! I also love the white option. 
4. DIY Ideas Abound. Have you seen this transformation of the Vittsjo nesting tables? Do me a favor. Search Vittsjo Hack on Pinterest. Mind Blown. Oh, and if you're looking for a way to create built-in looking shelves, check out this hack or this one of the Billy Bookcases. These are just mere few ideas of hundreds. Hack away, my broads.

Have I changed anyone else's mind? Check it out for yourself. Happy Hunting, my broads!


**A somewhat crunchy granola hippie broad note** 

To be very clear, finding antique, reclaimed or repurposed home items is always best to both master own unique look and to consider this wonderful earth. That being said, I am quite impressed by Ikea's sustainability report as well as their goal to create more energy than they use by the year 2020. Haven't heard of this? Check out this article to learn more. 

Out with the Old...

{image via}

Well my broads, it's been a while since I blogged and that is because nearly all of my free time has been away  from any kind of computer and amongst  the stuff that collectively fills my home. I've not made any major announcements, but let's just say this broad's family is growing from a family of three (fur baby included) to a soon to be family of four. Yikes. Not only has this been an extremely exciting time in my life, it's made me really reevaluate just all that stuff a broad acquires along the way. Albeit living in a modestly-sized 2 bedroom San Francisco apartment, I really curated quite the collection of $@#!. I've always prided myself in being a good purger of things throughout the year, not just in the spring. However, being faced with needing to turn a guest room into a nursery and, more importantly, losing that room's closet space and furniture, made me realize I have a huge problem letting go of things. I am proud of the accomplishments made - all the trips to Goodwill and the Container Store, eliminating nearly all items from a desk and two closets, clearing out entire dresser drawers to instead fill with much smaller clothes, sharing more space in my main closet with my baby daddy - they have been worth it. I feel less weighed down, less cluttered by unnecessary STUFF and I can see the light at the end of the almost completed nursery tunnel. More to come on that soon. 

For now, I'd like to share some lessons I've picked up along the way in my month of ultimate purging. May these 3 tips help other broads as well.

1. How many do you really need?

TCB debating which votives, glasses, jars and vases to keep or purge...
I remained in this spot with this expression for at least an hour one evening.
Have I mentioned I don't always make decisions well?
I've shared my thoughts on the arsenal every hostess should have. While I am sticking to that, I have realized that my mistake over the years has been collecting too many of these types of items. Does one really need 12+ milk glass votives or fleur de lis glasses or vases in every size and shape? The answer is no. Go through your items, and reduce.

When choosing what stays and goes, the order should go as follows: sentimental items or family heirlooms, most used and/or versatile items (remember a pitcher can pour water and work as a vase), and lastly, those that take up the least space. Get rid of the rest. Last time I checked, stores still exist if you needed to buy one item down the road (though be careful as collecting is a vicious, dangerous cycle). And keep this in mind - The probability of an entire party being ruined because you were missing a certain item is... let me see.... carry the one... ZERO.

And this doesn't only apply to home decor items. Whatever your collection vice might be- coffee mugs, catchall trays, candles - this advice will work.2. Let go of the packaging

I know. No one appreciates a nicely wrapped item as much as I. It pains me to throw away nice boxes of any sort. And shoe boxes? Forget it. I literally had 18 in my closet because I not only loved the way they looked but I felt as though it made my closet somewhat organized. I also held on to them since it was a reminder of my hard earned dollars that bought nice shoes that I felt were deserved. Well, Guess what? I forgot about certain pairs all the time because I could not see them. And the boxes literally took up 4 times the amount of space that the shoes did. So, alas, I took every pair out and bid adieu to the lovely boxes. What seemed so tough on recycling pick up day hasn't bothered me in the slightest since I made the decision to let go. If you really can't part with all of them (The Pour La Victoire boxes were the hardest for me), then find a use for it to store things under your bed, in a linen closet, etc. But they don't need to hold your shoes.

Since I was in the business of maximizing the space I had and reducing clutter, I resorted to the over- the-door hanging shoe racks and I must say that being able to see all of my options has really made me don some of my previously neglected shoes as of late.

If you have more space, here are some drool-worthy ideas for shoe storage and display

Display ledges, whether they're inside a closet (above) or on the wall (like below), make your shoes look like the pieces of art that they are.
{image via}
{image via}
Though an idea better suited for those who are not lacking space, I love the idea of using an old piece of furniture to display shoes. {image via}
Closet stock full already? These slim shoe bins hide everything away nicely and take up little space along the wall.
{image via}
Remember that shoes don't need to only live in the closet or bedroom. In fact, if it can work in your space, taking your kicks on and off right before coming and going is ideal for lots of reasons (convenience, cleanliness, etc.).  If your entry way has space for slim bins, make your entry table or console a sneaky place for shoes. Did I mention these are from Ikea? The swedes do it again.
{image via}

Need more ideas? Check out these 16 Smart Ideas from Babble.

3. Shop Like You're French

{image via}

I once had a co-worker tell me that I shopped like a french woman. I immediately thanked her, and then asked what that meant. She said that unlike us gluttonous Americans, french people (and really many other cultures both within and beyond the EU) buy quality over quantity. It's not rare to see someone in the same gorgeous, high quality piece over and over again.  I again thanked her and secretly thought that I didn't shop this way at all but I should. This could not be more true when it comes to cleaning out closets and drawers. The items that always fall in the "keep" pile are those that are timeless, higher quality, well made and fitting, etc. I literally have cashmere sweaters that are 10 years old that will forever go to the "keep" side of things. While items may have been higher priced upon initial purchase, one equals the 20 trendy tops that were bought and lasted a season or fell apart. Keep this in mind as you shop and your closet space will thank you.

Here are just a few of those timeless pieces I am talking about..

Cashmere can stand the test of time. While this example is black, don't steer away from a fun color or pattern like stripes.
{100% Cashmere Sweater, Vince via Nordstrom}
In my dreams, I own this shoe. Sexy, Flattering, Good Quality (read: Also Comfortable!) Shoes will remain in your closet for years.
{Manolo Blahnik Nude Pump, via Nordstrom}

Can't go wrong with an LBD. Splurge once on a style that is flattering and makes you feel better as soon as it's zipped up and it will get you through countless weddings, cocktail parties and anything else you're attending that you're just not sure what to wear...
{Dress by L'Agence, via Nordstrom}

I am happy to say that after a month of organizing, purging, storing and donating, this broad's second bedroom is well on its way to being a nursery...

....More to come on the finished project soon!