Hot Shoulder

Mme Bardot, former Tuesday Muse, showing us how it's done. 
I've always loved showing a little shoulder. I will blame the fact that I was born in the 80's on that. This spring and summer has been showing a lot of shoulder and I couldn't be happier about it. Here are some of TCB's favorite looks for shoulder-strutting' garb - from gypsy, to coquette, to señorita and everything in between....
Flow and Pink hued. Can you get more femme? Heels make it even more sexy while some fun gladiator-inspired sandals can keep is cas... Gypsy Off the Shoulder Dress, ASOS
I don't even know what to say other than "How soon can I get to a Bloomies to buy this?" This works year long. For so many occasions. Perfection. Off the Shoulder Stripe Dress - Bloomingdales

While I will be passing on the crop top trend this year, I really hope my fellow broads will embrace.This lacy cropped number is all kinds of right. Photo Via Color Me CourtneyTop Shop Off the Shoulder Lace Top
This dress screams summer barbecue to me. Sip a margarita in this bad boy and embrace the loose style of this dress. The peek of shoulders and short length keep it from looking like a sack. And, really, who doesn't love tassels? Plus, you can keep going back to the chip bowl and not worry. Tassel Trim Off the Shoulder Dress, Nordstrom or Bloomingdales
What about foundations, you ask? Bras are tough to choose for other Broads, but my personal fave for showing shoulder is the Multi-Way Bra from VS ~Photo Via~

Happy Shoulder-Free Shopping, my Broads!


That Gingham Style

Exhibit A: TCB's old trusty, gingham shirt. J.Crew Factory

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that a couple of weeks back, I showed up to work wearing nearly the exact same outfit as one of my male colleagues. It was a classic, blue and white gingham button up shirt (see above). While this might at first seem like it would be utterly embarrassing, it was quite the opposite. It doesn't hurt that he's one of the best dressed men in our office. But, more importantly, it made me realize just how strong a pattern gingham really is. I mean, this is by no means earth shattering news. In fact, there is already an Instagram account devoted to aforementioned shirt.

But let's take a walk down Gingham road anyway, shall we?

Gingham all over the Spring 2015 Runways {Via}

Gingham is classy, it's preppy, it's crisp. But as you could see on this year's runways, it can also be bold. An enlarged check or bright color adds more pop. And styles such as crop tops, two pieces, mixing and matching various check sizes or patterns make one realize just how versatile this little pattern is.

But I have to admit what I am loving most about Gingham's resurgence is seeing it pop up in home decor. 

Gingham Sheet Set, Serena and Lily

As if I needed to add another item to the Caitlin Wilson Textiles wish list.
Above, her Lilac Burnside Buffalo Check Pillow. For those of you, like me, who are terrible at choosing which color you like best, it's also available in Navy and Black.
Image {Via}

Can you even handle this gingham daybed from Coco Rocha's nursery makeover, c/o One Kings Lane??
This is the epitome of styling a child's room with pieces that can be used over and over again, in any room of the house. While it appears to still be available on OKL, this idea has DIY potential all over it.Time to start looking for that perfect second-hand piece to reupholster...
Pooches deserve decor updates, too. I love this dog bowl sold by Domino.

Albeit a springy, fresh look do not count gingham out as a year long staple. Checks in colors such as navy, orange, green and red make for especially seasonal looks. And I don't need to tell you what a chameleon black and white is. Pair it with a pop of yellow in the summer or red in the winter and you've got yourself an evergreen outfit, decor item or accent. 

Check. Check. Check.


Tuesday Museday: TCB's Personal Fave

While I usually try to choose muses who I think appeal to everyone, this Tuesday's Muse is someone who has personally inspired me over the years. And she doesn't even know it. Or know me. Creepy? Maybe. But I am oh so grateful that she exists and even more excited that she has decided to start her own business.

TCB's personal muse, Abby Capalbo who just launched her own Styling Business.
Way back when, this broad was planning herself a little seaside wedding in Tiburon. It was before Pinterest existed but I found this wedding on SMP and just drooled. 
This image alone was a huge inspiration for my own nuptials. 
So much of this beautiful Rhode Island wedding spoke to me. I ended up using nearly every photo from this feature as inspiration for my own wedding
I even indulged in using the same invitation company, Paper Moss, who to this day created my dream invites (you know I am a paper girl).
I just loved everything about her big day - this woman I didn't know but was convinced was my kindred spirit when it came to vision. The color scheme, the adirondack chairs, the aqua stripes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So fast forward to today when I was walking to lunch, perusing my instagram feed and I see this photo...
Gasp! It’s a shot from Abby’s home tour on SMP Living. Are those my same pillows? Coffee table? General color scheme? Yes. Yes. Yes. The similarities in her style and my taste are uncanny. 
We even seem to share the same love for striped twine. So, check out some of my favorite photos from this tour, if you too are into preppy, coastal, classic-with-a-twist décor as much as I. All photos are courtesy of SMP Living and Leila Brewster Photography.
Perhaps one day this Abby and myself will cross paths and share a glass of wine whilst chatting about our love for navy blue, golden retrievers and initials. I can't wait to follow along as her business grows. And I use the term follow very loosely. After all, this isn't called The Stalking Broad's blog, right? 
Until then, my broads, Happy Museday!!

Another Thing: Bling

What the Season Blings...
My third favorite thing is... shiny, shimmery, metallic, glittery, bling. The holiday season kicks off the small window we have to really go all out in our home and ourselves in this category. While I am a fan of sparkle all year long, any broad should embrace this time of year by rocking some sequins or shimmer. Opportunities abound, be it the countless holiday parties, New Year's Eve celebrations, winter weddings and even into awards season. Don't be shy. You may just decide those sequin pants or disco ball ornaments needn't ever be put away.
What the Season Blings

Pass on the bling!
Don't keep all the pretty to yourself. It is, after all, better to give than to receive. If you consider gift wrapping a sport like I do, consider brown paper packages tied up in bling. 
Step by Step Bow using Glitter Ribbon
Paper Source strikes again. Three words: Silver Tinsel Ribbon.

Nab some sequin ribbons at craft or fabric stores and dress up those packages! You can bet that's a ribbon that will get re-used by the lucky gifted one.


Sparkle on, my broads!