There is no more important space than where you choose to build lifelong memories, raise children or celebrate life’s greatest moments than your home. Being happy with the décor, comfort and functionality of where you dwell truly affects your daily life. Whether you have a room that needs updating or are looking for a complete design overhaul, you’ve come to the right place. Interior E-Design Services include but are not limited to:

Design Consultation
We meet and chat, in person or over the phone. We discuss your budget, your vision and your expectations and decide if collaboration would be a good match.

Just The Basics
Just looking for help choosing a color scheme, paint or fabric? Happy to help.

Interior Design Board
Based on your vision, a personalized E-Design board will be created for your interior project, complete with source and purchasing links. You take it from there! Have more questions about this process? Learn more HERE

Sometimes links aren’t enough. If you need further assistance curating all the extra touches, reviewing and ordering items and ensuring everything arrives on time, you’ve got it.

In-Home Styling
Depending on availability and scheduling, this is an option for clients based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Damage
No home or its dweller(s) are the same. We’ll help you create happy, functioning spaces throughout your home. Full packages as well as à la carte pricing is available to best fit your needs. To get a quote, please complete the form HERE.